Monday, August 25, 2008

My love life is that of a Doctor Who assistant...

I love that as a title of a blog post, and am wondering if I could make it into a book title. But in essence it's true. I've recently finished watching Doctor Who Series 4 (new series that is) and as the series progressed it makes a point of highlighting what it is like to be a Doctor Who assistant. As these points were either stressed or alluded to I realised that it seems a lot like the last relationship of mine that recently ended.

1) Future assistants meet the Doctor and are usually amazed, entranced and often left wanting more.
2) Once the Doctor/assistant relationship starts, the whole thing is amazing for both of them. They have incredible adventures together and laugh and they become closer and closer. There is lots of running.
3) The Doctor, though very happy, usually starts to have misgivings of some sort. Often it's due to the fact that he won't ever be able to grow old with the new assistant and so lets them down gently so that they can be happy with someone else.
4) The assistant, heartbroken, tries to return to normal life but doesn't cope well as normal life becomes completely pedestrian compared to life with the Doctor.
5) The assistant often spends time trying to get back to/with the Doctor again - usually without success
6) The assistant gets a bit part role in future adventures of the Doctor and his new assistant.

I know that's a little contrived, but when it's fresh in the assistant's (my) mind then it's possible to make it work. That and the fact that the series is fantastic and I spent a few episodes crying over lost Doctor/assistant interraction.

This isn't meant to be a dig at anyone (!), just an observation twisted to fit a blog post idea. The Doctor who I was the potential assistant to I hope will realise this. And besides, the assistants always come out of the relationships as better people in the end...

Thanks Doctor... Who?

N.B. Here's a better working title... "Not sure if I'm Captain Jack or Martha..." :o)

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