Sunday, March 01, 2009

So, six weeks passes and where have I been? I've been to London to see the Queen...

Well actually no. I'll be doing that in October. And, well not 'the' Queen, but probably several others. Holidays are well and truly over and in fact tomorrow is the start of Week 6 at school. I have my new kindy class - they'll never replace my first ever class of last year, but they are seemingly lovely so far. School's been keeping me occupied so not too much social stuff to report.

Been on a bit of a health kick. Gym twice a week this year to date, with a trainer. Am back running again, and have signed up for the half marathon in May. Doing a 14 week training program for that which is three weeks in. Am hoping to remain injury-free, though slightly worryingly my left foot is a bit sore. I'm hoping some new running shoes (bought yesterday) will help cushion it to recovery. A run later will give me a better idea.

Have also been eating incredibly well and that will continue - I gave up alcohol, caffeine, chocolate and sweets for February which was a good challenge. Had my first coffee today and am working hard whilst still buzzing!

More news from the front line as it happens. Not really doing anything for Mardi Gras - I need to get the school stuff sorted first. Oh, and the Human League are touring - best news for ages! :)

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