Friday, July 17, 2009

Two weeks on since the last post. Some progress at least... well it's holidays.

The last week of term went pretty uneventfully in the end, though the talk in the staffroom is starting to drive me mad. Lots of pregnant women makes for dull discussion, and the one male, younger teacher has left so not even anyone to sound other ideas off. Anyway. Two weeks break from that might help the old perspective.

This last week has been interesting. A mate David from the UK arrived on Monday and it's been great having an old friend here. Kind of illustrates what's lacking on my current social scene in a lot of ways, but also reiterates me to why I live here as Sydney has managed once again to show herself off as an amazing city. David left today and although I was meant to head out tonight I've stayed in with good food, wine and telly and I feel good about that.

Something else is going on that I'm less sure about. I'm entering into an emotional exchange with someone that I've never met, though that will shortly change. Already I'm wondering whether I'm just setting msyelf up for disaster. It doesn't feel that way, but it's a double-edged sword. So I'll wait. Like I always do. And see.

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