Saturday, July 04, 2009

It's July. It's nearly the end of term. I'm exhausted.

Just finished our assembly performance with the kids yesterday and we were all knackered. The kids did a great job though and should be suitably proud. The parents loved it and the other teachers were impressed too. I can relax now til the end of term.

This weekend though is already filling with disappointment. Part of that is probably me still, and my attitude of everything being flat. Part of that might be the lack of alcohol too, creating less opportunities for me to go out and have fun with mates it seems. But I spent today wandering around by myself, hoping for people to get back to me about catching up. Queue tumbleweed.

The fact Wimbledon is on is a mixed blessing. Good in that it'll give me something to watch on telly tonight. The downside is that the courts are all booked up, so no tennis for Jamie and me this weekend. It looks like other possible get-togethers aren't going to happen either, so I guess I'll have to amuse myself.

I'm going to go for a run tomorrow, and then gym with Bobby later in the afternoon - both of which will help. I have got a niggling shoulder injury though, which is starting to get a bit annoying. Hopefully that will sort itself out soon.

I ended up going to bed this afternoon with tea and sudoku puzzles. If I'm finding a weekend hard to fill in the time with no mates around, how the hell am I going to amuse myself for the school holidays which start in a week's time? I'm over feeling so bloody lonely.

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