Friday, December 07, 2001

Friday morning. Getting into this shift pattern thing (see roster down left hand side). Tuesday was great - finished at 3.30pm and then did all my Christmas shopping in one fell swoop at Borders! Well why not... Met Garry for impromptu beers at the Oxford and a good time was had by all. My dream Tuesday night is a bit vague now, but it involved me playing football for a top flight team, in the return leg of something like a Champion's League match. It was meant to be somewhere hot, but the pitch was waterlogged - but only around the edges. Can't remember much more than that, except for afterwards I was due to get a massage by someone called Beong Bong, which brought to mind tennis and Bjorn Borg! I think there's something in the water...

Those regular Minkered... readers out there might remember me harping on about this some months ago. This has now been well surpassed by my three guys at the Illy coffee shop in the MLC Centre in downtown Sydney. It's a place I used to go sometimes when I lived here before, but now with working at Borders it's the best coffee nearby by a long shot. So in the first week I went a couple of times and got my order and by week two, when I went about 4 times, they knew me, where I worked and what my order was. We like that. Also, one of the guys is very sexy - though he's the least communicative. Until this week, when he was really friendly too. Fantastic. I went the other day and they gave me a Portuguese Tart for nothing. And I do like a good tart... Bless 'em. I know they do it with everybody, but it does make me feel incredibly welcome and local and they'll get my money every day as a consequence!

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