Monday, December 10, 2001

I started this blog entry yesterday (it's currently 8.30pm Tuesday) but didn't finish it. Here goes nothing:

Well I guess that was the weekend then. I should be outside in the glorious sunshine, but my head hurts and I'm not sure I can face the day - even though it's already 2.30pm. Read on...

Friday worked until 11pm, came home and chatted with Garry (he was staying over) and played on the net. Bed around 1am. The idea was to get up at 5am and go and meet Craig (Garry's best mate from the UK) at the airport but in the end I was too whacked and so Garry went alone. I slept on until gone 9am and then hit work. Finished there at 8pm and went straight to Craig's hotel room to change so we could all hit the town. We had a couple of quickies in the Oxford and then hit Newtown - first the Newtown Hotel and later the Imperial. I know we had a great time. I'd arranged to hook up with Martin, a cute guy I met a while ago in the Shift, and he was there when we arrived. I know we drank way too much. I know a had a very nice time with Martin. I know he put me in a cab because I was so drunk. I don't know much more than that!! Except for the yesterday's hangover. Ouch. Sunday morning didn't amount to too much. Eventually I headed off to Bronte for our 'Welcome Craig' picnic. Shame the weather wasn't better! Lots of people there - Garry, Craig, Mat, Jason, Haydn, Mikey, DJ, Michael, Charlie and little old me! Oh, and Gregg Diddy Daddy arrived later. It was quite a laugh - lots of beer drunk and nibbles nibbled. I came home to change and then met Garry and Craig down at the Shift for our (now) traditional Sunday night singalong to the crazy retro tunes. Oh dear. We drank too much too fast and I don't remember leaving or arriving home or going to bed. Hence feeling so spaced out yesterday!

I did survive Monday by eating my new wonder food - boiled eggs and soldiers. The best thing. Thanks to a brief check up with Delia, I've remastered of getting my eggs just the way I like them - boil for a minute then take the pan off the heat and cover and leave for another 5 - white firm, yolk runny. Magnificent. I finally ventured out of the house at around 5.45pm and headed down to meet Garry and Craig again, and bumped into Ant and Laurie and then Clare on the way. As we were debating where to go for a beer, Darren Shaw rang. I'd met Darren once at Richie's about 3 years ago and he'd been given my number and so on to get in touch as he was going to be here a while. As things turned out, his plans have changed and it was his last night in Sydney (just the long weekend then...!!). So, via a few in the Green Park Hotel, we went to Stonewall and met Darren and Jon and John. It was good fun, but ended with us drinking too much again, having pizza and me getting home around 1am. Not the best plan when you've to be up at 5.40am to get into work at 7am. I did though, and survived the day. Home around 4.30pm and I've done not a lot since. Coffee, toast. That kind of thing. Early night tonight as I'm working early again tomorrow. Though tomorrow night I'm on a date. That's a "date". Proper and all that. The movies no less. Get me!

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