Saturday, December 29, 2001

I have no concept of time right now. What with Xmas, shift work, having Steve here and going out and about and getting ready for New Year I'm kind of at a loss! The next few days are mad. Working until 8m tonight and then straight out for a meal with the lovely Andy Carter and Sue from the UK. Out after that no doubt with Steve, possibly to the Imperial... Sunday probably a bit beachy, with Karen and Melissa arriving at 5pm. Monday is NYE, so no doubt running around before drinks somewhere before heading down to Pride - 10pm until 8am the next day. Frisky starts at 6pm that night... and then working on the 2nd at 7am. Oh lordy. Oh, talking of which, saw Lord of the Rings the other night. Go see it immediately. It beats Harry Potter into a pointy, witches hat!

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