Wednesday, July 10, 2002

More excuses and it's bedtime for Davie. At least I've managed to update the pic on the left to reflect more of a Corporate Davie having been swallowed up at Qantas. I have to say that I'm loving it there currently, which is great. Going through lots of training and realising that they've got a nice bunch of people. It's already been two months since I started almost, and those cheap flights in November are looking nearer and nearer! In other news, the apartment is still fun, and although it's a little noisy it doesn't really affect my sleeping so can't be too bad, and it's incredibly convenient. Only taking me 20-30 minutes commute, train dependant, so that's great too. Have been out and about a bit of late and have met some wonderful people, and it's astonishing that I've been here a year now. It's just flown. In other news.. met a nice guy recently and seeing how that one goes - I'll keep you informed! Otherwise my only grouch is that I'm still broke! It'll be a while until I can save again but in the meantime I've enough to get by and it's an incentive to do cheap healthy stuff like gym and so on. I've signed up for a 14k run - City to Surf - so I've got to get some training in! Watch this space. Right, more later. It should be a quiet weekend and I'm hoping to update a lot of stuff on here. We'll see!

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