Tuesday, May 13, 2003

5 reasons you should take your digital camera everywhere with you:

1. Walking to the dentist you stumble upon a spill of oil or brake fluid or something on the wet road. The ultraviolet, gold and turquoise swirls have formed themselves into a perfect heart shape.
2. You arrive at the dentist to find that overnight the ATM in the bank next door has caught on fire and burned down its surrounding 6'x6' enclosure. (Spontaneous ATM combustion? Someone arson about?) The remaining box appears tacked on the end of a tube, looking like some sort of space station docking mechanism or alien maw (depending on whether you're an Apollo 13 fan or if Sigourney's more up your alley), now defunct in the charred remains.
3. You walk out of the dentist into one of the most powerful deluges you can remember. Those with stronger religious beliefs around you are looking round for pieces of 6'x4' and animals in pairs are nervously packing their suitcases.
4. A blown inside out umbrella lays forlornly at the side of the road near Hyde Park, pleading with its broken outstretched metal tendrils for some TLC.
5. So much water has descended from the heavens that the walkway out of the park down from the Anzac War Memorial is like a small stream. The steps to the pavement are acting as a beautiful impromptu waterfall.

Sydney is beautiful in the sunshine and awe-inspiring in the rain. It makes me remember why I live here now. Spectacular, spectacular.

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