Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Wednesday evening. Almost bedtime for Davie. Monday night was Buffy night as usual. It's getting a bit fraught! Only a few more episodes until the end of Series 7 - and I'm catching up by almost being at Series 4 having started again from the very beginning (it's a very good place to start). Just Dave, Mark, Geno and me this week - no Megan. Pizza and wine and we all felt fine :o) Yesterday was just work and slob. Was meant to gym and/or do life admin but couldn't be arsed. Today was a bit better. Up at 6.30am for the gym with Liz at 7am. We did legs. Ouch. Home and Pete came over and we had $5 at the Strawberry Hills hotel. Then we came back here and talked about buying a place together. Basically if we pool our resources we can get somewhere way nicer than if we buy individually. We've agreed that we'd like to in principle. We'll do it all legally and above board and so on. Now we just have to work out how much we've got to spend, and where we want to live. We've got a good basic idea and seem to like similar things so... fingers crossed that it all goes ahead sometime in the not too distant future. Woo-hoo! Tea and chocolate and bed. I've eaten lots (of trash) today. I must stick at the gym and eat better - only 2 and a half weeks to the half marathon!

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