Monday, May 05, 2003

Overdue. But here.

24th: Finished work, gym (another 6K run and a workout). Did indeed end up having beers at Barnacle but nothing too outrageous.
25th: Yet another public holiday as previously mentioned. Mucked around in the morning after sleeping in a bit I think (long overdue). Actually I know I watched a total of 12 episodes of Buffy over the 3 days of the long weekend so probably a couple to ease me into the day. Meant to be going to a picnic as also previously mentioned, but I got as far as Dave’s with the intention of us going to Coles and heading on down. We didn’t. Dave wasn’t in the best of humours so instead we had a good old natter and then headed to Spring for coffee and sustenance. Dave was knackered and so I left him to sleep and returned home. I got ready and headed to Rich and Russ’s as they’d picked the boys up from the airport. We did drinks and then dinner at Café Comity before more drinks at the Colombian. And then Barnacle. The boys went off for more drinks and dancing naughtiness. I went home!
26th: I know there was Buffy. I know there was probably coffee. I think there might have been grocery shopping. I reckon Carlo was in the mix somewhere there too probably. There was also dinner, and drinks with the boys again. I know we ended up down the Phoenix and that I left them all to it around 2.45am and went home as they went to Arq. Good Davie!
27th: Oh dear. All this drinking is taking it’s toll as I can’t remember what I did on this day at all. I know at around 4pm I made my way to Gary’s new place in Moore Park Gardens with 2 bottles of wine, but before that it’s a bit blank. I know it was really rainy, and I know I’d been somewhere… but where? Oh well. After Gary’s got a bit bleary too, as we hit the Colombian to meet the boys again and Pete and Paul. And thence to the Shift where various people came and went. I got talking to a nice guy called John (Scottish, landscape gardener) and arranged to try and catch up again… home drunkenly. Alone.
28th: Work as normal though a little jaded. Today was the day I start looking after Melbourne-Brisbane flights so all my market knowledge gained over the last near year on Sydney-Cairns-Sydney counts for nought. Well not nought, but not much! It’s good though as I get some business traffic on the new route and so the systems I use are different and in different ways, and the demand patterns are different again. Something more to learn and keep the old bonce ticking. Wasn’t sure if we were doing the Buffy thing, but we did again so headed to Mark’s. Takeaway pizza and catch up with the gang. Noice. Home with Megan.
29th: Work again. I’ve actually been working reasonably hard of late which has inhibited both this and the personal emails. What’s that all about? The plan for tonight was to go and see Björn Again with Gary and Andrew C. So we hooked up downtown for a swift beer at which point Andrew wasn’t feeling great and left me and Gary to it. So off we went to the Balmain Tigers Club (for that was the lugubrious venue said concert was at). Well that in itself was an experience. The Tigers are a rugby league club and the venue is their clubhouse. As Gary pointed out – it’s a place where the men are men and the women are, also. The whole thing was some surreal suburban nightmare. We had the $20 steak and seafood Tuesday night special as we took in the ‘ambience’ of the place. I’d forgotten that places like this exist. The crowd for Björn Again were mostly groups of women (I’m guessing quite a lot of office outings) looking for a few good men. Aren’t we all! The show itself was fun – Björn Again themselves didn’t seem too enthralled to start with but warmed up by the second half. By then several beers had kicked in and so Gary and I contented ourselves with singing slightly alternative lyrics to the ABBA songs. I’d never realised how easily you can substitute the words ‘skanky ho’ into that many songs! We couldn’t let it lie and so ended up back at the Shift for one last beer… vile!
30th: Worked. Did nowt else as was too tired. Sleeeeeeeeeep.
1st: Worked. Was meant to do the gym, but was too tired. Intended to veg out solo, but Pete rang at a loose end and so he came over and we did the pots of tea/natter/look for flats on the net thing again. Noice. More sleeeeeeeeeep.
2nd: Up with the lark and to the gym for Liz at 7am. Good workout. Into work and I’m sure it was lovely. Back, shower and change and then off to Rich and Russ’s after Ross came and dropped off Tim’s jeep to the garage. Lots of wine, nice food and good chats to the gang and David and Brett as it was their last night before they headed back to the UK. We ended up down at Barnacle, but I piked after one beer as I was a) very drunk and b) had every intention of running and gymming on Saturday. In bed around 12.45am.
3rd: Bleugh. Bleary eyed it became apparent I wouldn’t be gymming early on in the day. Actually it was a glorious day and so it became apparent that I wouldn’t be gymming at all. Instead I did some Buffy having slept in until around 11am for the first time in ages. Met Tony for brekky – really nice to see him again and long overdue. Thence a little shopping with Mr Westmore before he had to leg it for a haircut. I met up with Canadian John and Ian for coffee at Grumpy’s and then as Ian had the car we ended up for a fantastic walk at Watson’s Bay around the South Head and the lighthouse. Marvellous. Home and ablutions ready for the date with John, the guy from the Shift last Sunday. Arrived on time to the Newtown and before long John arrived too. He’s a nice guy, but not as cute as I’d remembered from Sunday (beer goggles anyone?). He’d shaved for the date, but is actually someone that suits a bit of beardy growth. Well in my opinion anyway. Strati and Dale arrived and that took the pressure off a bit and Andrew Carfrae was there too, as was David (Crusty) Bassett and Robert. I decided to leave around 11.30pm if there was ever going to be any chance of running at all this weekend.
4th: Up at 8am, a little hung over but not too bad. Two episodes of Buffy; a bowl of weetbix (yes, there’s no ‘a’ between weet and bix here), yoghurt, banana and milk; a pot of tea. Then I decided it was time for me to run round the park. I did so, for an hour. 12 times in all. Very achy knees at the end. Home, shower, lunch, another Buffy. All this by 1.30pm! Carlo phoned to see if I wanted to catch up (I did), then I headed to have coffee with Russ, Rich, Adrian and Shane. Back to R’n’R’s then chilled until Pete called and we hit the Shift. Various people arrived through the night and I got progressively more drunken. Spotted there were: Rich, Russ, Canadian John, Ian, George, his cute friend Simon, John the unsuccessful date from Saturday night, Dez… home after midnight, possibly with burger.
5th: Into work. Worked. Going home right now. Then to Mark’s for Buffy again. The pizza was a hit last week so we’re doing it again this week. Yay!

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