Friday, August 01, 2003

It's August already. Well who'd have thought it. And over a week since I last blogged - sadly that's more believable these days. I've managed to cram some stuff into the last week and a day - most of it good too!

Friday - as far as I can remember I had an early night after the gym.
Saturday - Pete and I spent most of the day doing brekky and looking for Bad Dog costumes. Well I did. Dinner that night round at Gary's with Peter, Pete, Rich and Russ - then on to the Shift and the Phoenix and the Shift again. Both me and Pete suffered a bit - not good in the Phoenix. We recovered to party on however... Back to mine around 7am - doh. Sleep.
Sunday - up at 10.30am to finish the convict's outfit - pics to come. Nice ball and chain. So I'm told. Over to Dave's to help him fix his outfit then to Waverley. Bad Dog does the business again. However we seemed to arrive, have a beer or two, have a few chats and a dance and it was all over! Down the the Phoenix again. Nice dance with a guy called Tim. Up to Arq but by then I was over it. Home and sleep.
Monday - off work, but was only fit for bacon and eggs, tea and Buffy. Then over to Mark's for more Buffy with him and Megan - the others cried off. Home at midnight - exhausted!!
Tuesday - work and then an impromptu visit to Gary's.
Wednesday - up for gym then work. Home and moved to Newtown. Installed myself in the flat, made friends with the cat, bought takeaway and vegged out. Bliss.
Thursday - slept badly. Grrr. Into work. Pete came to Newtown - food and a quick beer. Bed.
Friday - slept badly again. Grrr again. Into work again. Out tonight for Kerry's birthday meal in Bondi. Then sleep. Please...

More from the weekend as it happens. Only other news: the owners of the current apartment want to sell it. This could make things tricky re moving out early to move into the new house - I think I may get stitched up and have to pay until the end of the lease - that so wasn't the plan!


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