Friday, September 19, 2003

I can’t believe it’s well over a week since I blogged. I thought I’d blogged after the last entry so I’m either losing my marbles or I dreamt it.

Last week’s evenings were peppered with early nights and Buffy. I can’t remember much else. The days were work and gym. I probably met up with Pete one night and possibly Gary another, but I really can’t remember and I’m too tired and arsey today to give it any real thought! I did go shopping on the Wednesday night as I’ve got the supermarket receipt to show for it. I bought lots of nice things for lunches here at work now I’m being good and going to the gym.
The weekend is a bit more of an event. Friday night we went to the Theatre, luvvie darling. To see the Blue Room – starring two of Oz’s finest, Sigrid Thornton and Marcus Graham. Fun. Just the two of ‘em, carrying on for 2 hours. Semi-clad for most of the time. Unclad in bits. It was good to do that again – it’s been too long since I did a bit of theatre! Home to be for me afterwards.
Saturday was spent mostly at the house and we cleared out all the crap into the back garden and swept everything clean. Yay. Saturday night was a couple of quiet beers for me with Pete (who sadly has been dumped by Crusty again) and then pasta in Stanley Street. Early bed as I was up early on Sunday for the 10K Bridge Run. I did this race last year and so decided I was up for it again however this time with a bit less training. The course was slightly different, finishing at the Opera House and I decided it would be worth the view if nothing else. It was great. I think I was about a minute or so slower than last year which was fine by me. A glorious morning too – felt very virtuous after I’d finished and it was still only 8.20am!
Finally met up with Pete for brekky and then tried to find a t-shirt for Bad Dog. Failed and so hit Bad Dog anyway, courtesy of Rich. Fantastic party yet again – the usual suspects were there and the music was up to scratch again so yay! We kicked on to the Phoenix which was hilarious and with some sexy men. We then decided to go to Arq, which was a bit of a change but OK nevertheless. Got chatting to the lovely Robert – he’s most definitely on my to-do list. Sadly he disappeared before we got to the phone number stage. However it’s not the first time I’ve seen him out and about so watch this space (he said hopefully…)
We finally called it a night around 6am. So I suppose we called it a morning really. Back to R’n’R’s to sleep. Finally woke in the afternoon and met the lovely Jonno the builder at the house (woof!). He talked us through some ideas and then finally we legged it from there. Pete went off and I finally went home. Days off in the week are great!
Since then I’ve done little all week, save a nice coffee date with a guy last night. Fun – quite intense but fun. Tonight’s meant to be a couple of beers straight after work though to be honest I’d rather just go home. Hey ho.

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