Monday, September 29, 2003

Yeah verily it came to pass that Dave blogged intermittently. I’ve got lots to do! I’m doing things! I’m going to have to make this brief-ish as I can’t remember what’s been happening (I think I’m turning into a goldfish) and I don’t want to be here at work too late tonight – don’t they know I’ve got a house to re-build?

OK. Weekend before last. Er… I know I did the beers with Dave after work at the Colombian and it was good to catch up with him. Albeit all too briefly. I went homewards towards 8.30pmish, with the intention of possibly coming back out for Bears at the Oxford. However the best laid plans… I got a call from Carlo and so did a bit of a diversion. Bed after that.
Saturday would have been house stuff – it’s just a question of remembering what we were up to and when! I know that on the Saturday night we hit the Phoenix as we do, but that it wasn’t outrageously late. Rich and Russ were in Melbourne so it was just me and Pete. Sunday saw us knock out all the ceilings in the house and so we could get a really good feel for how the upstairs bedroom will look when we build it. Yay. Oh, and I think Rich the draftsman came round too, to measure up. The plans are finally moving…
Sunday night was Una’s and the Shift. Can’t remember work being particularly different from any other week last week, so assume I did the gym every lunchtime and came in early-ish most days. I know I went to see Mambo Italiano with Rich and Russ on Wednesday night, and had a rehearsal for Sleaze on Tuesday. Yes, I’m in a show. Nothing involving lycra, which is great. I’m just a guard (one of ten) in a bit of an S&M show. Marvellous! It’ll be fun. Had dinner with Pete post rehearsal too – at Tropicana where we talked houses and him and Crusty, which has most definitely finished.
Thursday night? Er, dunno. Or Friday either really. Friday after work we went to the house to put the timber delivery inside. Johnno and Pete (how many Pete’s at the moment?) arrived for a look see and then Pete and I did dinner at Foodgame and I think had a relatively early night each.
Saturday was brekky down at Strangers with Candy (to see the sexy waiter!!) and then to Bunnings to buy butch power tools and the like. We spent Saturday afternoon trying to get a new beam into the walls to hold the roof up, but had to stop when next door came round to tell us their plaster had cracked. Oops. It did reveal a bit of shoddy workmanship on their attic conversion however… So, we stopped and probably ate somewhere. If it’s Saturday it must be the Phoenix… but I know that before that Pete and I had a beer at the Shift (which was awful). I hit Manacle for a couple of beers whilst Pete had a sleep – chatted to Mark and Carsten and Rod and… and... and… The Phoenix was fun again. Lots of nice people there – Dave, Rich and Russ, the lovely Robert (whose number I finally got!), Anthony… and another guy called Warren whose number I got… To Arq briefly which was a mistake. Not good. Walked home in the very cold around 5.30am. Couldn’t sleep for ages, so I think it was around 8.30am when I did finally snooze. Got to the house at noon, having missed Johnno and Pete. Curses. We got the beam in (finally!) and cleared all the rubbish away and got the ceiling joists into the roof space. We had lots of visitors – Brendan and Piggy; Allan from work; Jan and Pete’s cousin Sarah; Rich and Russ and Brett. We called it a day at 8pm – very satisfied with our days efforts as we finally had the last bit of stud wall down and could see the space as one big room properly for the first time. Shower then pizza then a couple of beers at the Shift (vile) and the Colombian (viler). Home. Bed.
Today – work at 8am; gym at lunch; home now. Will probably hit the house to see how Pete’s got on today ) he’s a teacher and is on holidays for 2 weeks, the git. Tomorrow and Wednesday are Sleaze rehearsals as is Saturday arvo. This week’s going to fly!

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