Monday, September 08, 2003

OK, so not quite a week has gone by this time before my update. I’ve decided it’s hard work trying to juggle a full time job; a new gym regime; renovating a house and being the social butterfly that I’ve always been. Something will have to give. Wonder if I can work shorter hours??? :o)

Tuesday night last week then. I did indeed run home – and in fact I ran to and from work every day except Friday, when I just ran in. Not bad going really – though I’ve actually hurt my foot a bit and I’ve a 10K race on Sunday. This week I’ll just train in again and save myself for Sunday. After that I’ll try and run again, foot permitting. Now, last week’s evenings are a bit of a blur. I know I didn’t really spend any time at home at all, but I’m not sure where I was! I think Tuesday night was over to Rich and Russ’s for dinner with them, Pete (who’s now living there) and Renee and Bianca – Rich’s niece and a friend of hers – lovely girls! Had a laugh and then home.
Wednesday was work again. Gym at lunchtime. Met Gary at the house to show him round and then we toddled off Colombian-wards for beer. However, I got a call at 8.02pm to say that me and Pete were on telly so we diverted to Rich and Russ’s to watch. It was fun but we got less exposure than expected for 3 separate filming sessions – we must have gone on the cutting room floor! If you fancy it you can go to, scroll down to Hot Property and look in the show archives. We’re in the section entitled Darlo Terrace. You might have to go into this week’s show and then look for last week’s show in the LHS bar – currently it hasn’t been updated, but will be by Wednesday. Still, all a bit of fun. Beers subsequently with Pete, then dinner and home.
Thursday – work. Didn’t gym in the afternoon as we had a team lunch out to welcome Nick, our new team member. We went to a nice fish restaurant down in La Perouse called the Boathouse. It was a gorgeous day and lovely to sit by the sea… The afternoon dragged a bit consequently but soon I ran home again. No idea what I did on Thursday night. Oh yes. I remember. Carlo came over for a catch up. Lovely!
Friday – work early, no gym lunchtime and then the dentist. Met Pete for coffee then home, change and back to Dave’s for dinner. Nice evening. He cooked lots of nice things and Brendan, Heikle (sp?), Drew and Puppy were there too. I stumbled home the worse for red wine some time around 1am.
Saturday – up around 10am-ish and met Pete at the house. We grabbed coffee and brekky at Paua (noice!) and then set to work on attacking the front of the house. We cleared all the front garden – which considering how rootbound it was was pretty good going. We were knackered when we finally called in a day/night at 7pm. I went home, bathed, ate, changed, and hit R’n’R’s at 10.30pm. Drink there, then Manacle and then down to the Phoenix. Boy oh boy. In the words of Madness ‘Oh what fun we had’. Lots of sexy friendly men, good music and daddy snogging were all on the agenda. I decided not to go home with the sexy daddy and head on up to Arq with the crowd and it was fun there too. So much so we didn’t leave until gone 8am.
Sunday - back ar R’n’Rs, the plan was to sleep and then continue work on the house. Er, no! We just carried on partying. Like there was no tomorrow. Stupid circus acts, gymnastic moves and so on were the order of the day. Until some time around 12.30pm when we went back out for more beers. Not a good move. Too minkered! Back to sleep a while and then up around 6pm. Out to buy food then Pete cooked and we watched Scooby Doo. Home. What a fantastic weekend – and great to spend so much time with R’n’R and Pete again. More please.
Monday – into work. Tired. No gym. Home now. Just realised though that I’ve left my train pass in my jacket which I left at the gym this morning when I went to pick up my shoes and trousers. Bugger. Hey ho. Tonight will be food and Buffy on DVD and then early to bed.

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