Friday, February 20, 2004

Another week, another week of partly getting things done and no blogging. Well not really. Though Tuesday's entry doesn't really count for much. Sigh.

So, what news? Not a great deal to be honest. I remain listless, but with too much to do (but stuff I really don't want to do). I haven't got myself into any sort of routine since living with the boys, though that's partly due to Aaron staying until he finds himself somewhere decent to live. I failed to get to the gym with a number of excuses (some valid, others not very well veiled attempts to cover the apathy). My feet still aren't quite right however, and Tuesday's now booked in gym training session will not be any CV stuff. I really want my shoe inserts to arrive so I can start running again!

Meanwhile... Thursday last week was probably something. Probably. Friday more of the same no doubt. Actually Thursday Aaron and I hit Newtown to buy Mardi Gras tickets and Aaron bought new shoes. Friday would have been my Mum's 72nd birthday, so I rang Dad to see if he was OK. Friday night was spent in, as far as I can recall. Saturday saw Aaron looking at apartments again and then we picked up Pete and Johnno from the airport. We did a bit more running around then joined P+J for lunch before a quick trip to R'n'Rs then home. Saturday night ended up being an impromptu BBQ at home whilst watching Harry Potter and then Gladiator. Sunday we slept late and had previously intended to do the galleries. However by the time we got to Circular Quay we'd run out of time so instead went for a long walk round the Botanic Gardens and finally up to Victoria Street and a beer in the Green Park. Back to Newtown and dinner and then home. Nothing much else to report through the week either. Met Pete for coffee Wednesday night but got no further on firming up house stuff. Pete's still waiting to see if he can get work in the UK so we'll see what happens. Last night we went up to eat with Pete and Johnno in Newtown and that was that.

I had another orthodontist's appointment yesterday and now am sporting groovy small blue elastic bands between my back teeth. This is in readiness for next week's braces fitting. :o( And today completely my round up of all things medical and so I think that's about it for a while. Of course the next thing is researching getting my eyes lasered...

So what does the weekend hold? Not much. Aaron's house hunting again tomorrow. No plans tonight. No plans tomorrow night. Possibly Mardi Gras Fair Day on Sunday. And then another week begins.

I feel a bit like I'm in a rut without actually being in any sort of routine. How does that work??

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