Friday, February 27, 2004

Well I guess we're overdue an update. Again. Sorry kids. Lots to report. Not all good. Not all bad. Read on...

I left you listless and feeling a bit weird. Part of that reason I guess can be explained by the news that Aaron and I split up on Friday night last. Fortunately so far we're remaining friends and I'm really glad of that. Aaron's a lovely guy and one I enjoy spending time with. So what was the problem? I guess I didn't love him enough. Aaron had very strong feelings for me, and as it turned out, mine weren't reciprocated as strongly. Long story short and to be fair it doesn't do it justice, but that's the reason. I gave it some time hoping and wanting my feelings to be like his. It didn't turn out that way and so from my perspective I'd prefer just to be mates. Good mates. Aaron has one of the kindest hearts of anyone I know and all my mates love him to bits so it's nice he's staying around.

So, that was Friday. Harder too in that Aaron was at that stage staying with me at Pete and Johnno's whilst he house-hunted. Saturday for him was more house-hunting and for me brekky by myself to do some reflective thinking and then over to Potts Point to have coffee with Dave, who I've not seen enough of lately. So had a good old chat to him before heading back to Newtown. Hung out with Aaron a while and had some food. Ended up later having coffee with Pete and Johnno as Aaron went out to catch up with Michael and Costa. Sunday was Fair Day, which I thought might be fun. Given the circumstances, I couldn't have been further from the mark. I headed home after about an hour and just had a good long think about all that had been happening. Hey ho. I actually can't remember what I did later, but it wasn't much. Oh, I ironed my shirts. Joy.

The rest of the week's been pretty average. Work. Aaron got a new place organised luckily for him, so we're moving him this weekend. I had my first training session back with Peter the trainer. I almost threw up and had to stop! And then got soaked in the torrential rain that hit on the way home. I think the gym relaunch may be a little more gradual than first planned. I do however pick up my shoe inserts on Monday afternoon so nothing to stop me running after that. Wednesday met up with the architect and talked houses. Last night met up with Pete and did the same. Hopefully eventually things will be on track... slowly, slowly. It does look like Pete is going to go and live in London a while. I think he needs it. We're certainly in completely different places, the pair of us, since we bought the house together. Yes, sirree. Chatted with Brett last night about the forthcoming Mardi Gras celebrations and allowed myself to get a little excited. The braces going on my teeth in about an hour and a half should dampen that ardour however. Also spoke to Andy from Manchester who arrives on Saturday night. A bit of a weird coincidence with him... but I'll leave that until after the MG celebrations just in case things get out of hand at all...

BBQ tonight at the house as a start off of the MG celebrations. Pete and Johnno, Rich and Russ, Aaron, Cassius, Rich's friend Alan and maybe Pete. Should be noice. Tomorrow moving Aaron as previously described and then Sunday, after David and Brett arrive, is the Azure (Harbour) Party. Let's hope the rain holds off.

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