Thursday, July 15, 2004

Thursday afternoon again. Obviously posting time. Last Thursday was indeed quiet. Home, food, telly, internet, reading in bed. I was a bit sore from the chiropractic adjustment, but at least it felt like something was happening! Friday was work and ended up staying a bit later than planned. Met Marc at the Newtown at 8pm and we managed to get ourselves a table for dinner at the Peasant’s Feast – a nice restaurant that I’d been to twice and Marc wanted to try. Nice food, nice wine, nice company. On leaving we walked back and had that ‘what happens next’ moment. Marc was keen for us to go our separate ways and do it again soon. I was OK with that. So we did the goodnight kiss thing and…
Leaving his place at 7.30am the next morning was good in some ways and bad in others! I could have done without the gym at 9am, but you get that. Gym was in fact great, and I was ready for my brekky at the Chocolate Dog apr├Ęs. The afternoon turned into a whirlwind of laundry – long overdue. Later I joined Bobby and Martin at the Newtown for a swift trio of beers and then we talked ourselves out of kicking on and I retired gracefully chez moi.
Sunday was a weird old day. Starting disappointingly with Rich cancelling brekky I decided to go anyway and made sure Aaron was still attending. More Chocolate Dog-ness. Rich did eventually turn up, having been out late the night before/no sleep/shenanigans. I wandered round Newtown in readiness for the next meal appointment – lunch with Paul and Gary, with Pete and Johnno in attendance. It was great, once P+J finally arrived. The talk did centre a bit too much upon going out to dance parties, but as that’s how we know Paul and Gary it’s not that surprising. Plus I’m meant to be putting them in touch with some UK friends so they know where to go out and about for their upcoming trip to London. From there to Wayne’s 50th birthday drinks with Aaron. Which was great fun, for the most part. Rado was DJ-ing and there was beer. However, after all the morning’s talk from people saying they were over going out, never again etc. the talk turned again to who was going to go out further and go clubbing and get trashy and…
And so I left. Fairly abruptly, which isn’t really me at all. But for that one day I’d had enough talk of that and craved a normal conversation. Heading home the cab drove past the Newtown and it was busy, so I diverted in there for a beer. And I’m glad I did. Got talking to the lovely Craig – the other guy I met the same night I met Marc for the first time. Craig was there with a mate of his and we had more beer and some normal, fun conversation. Woohoo! And a bit of flirting too, which is always nice…
Headed home a little tipsy around 9pm, and was in bed by 10pm. Nice end to a slightly frustrating day.
Monday was work and then home via the architect’s. We’re almost ready to submit to council. Finally. Watch this space. Oh, and Bobby went to the UK – which is good and bad. Good in that I get to quieten down as he’s been, of late, my main parther in crime. Bad because of late he’s been my partner in crime and so I’ve no one to play with. That’s not entirely true, but early August seems a long way off! Still, that will bring both him and Pete back which will be great. Tuesday was work and then chiropractor where I was re-straightened and told I could run again! Woohoo! Have one more appointment in the morning so will run after a workout on Saturday for the first time in almost 4 weeks. I think my fast time in the City to Surf is a goner, but hopefully I’ll be back running pain free. Actually after the chiro I met Gary at the Colombian for a beer. We had a fun chat, pizza and I got a cab at 9pm-ish. Interestingly I was complaining that my life was too going out focussed, whilst Gary was rueing that he doesn’t get out enough. Grass, greener anyone?
Yesterday was work and then gym. I’ve been the boss this week and so it’s actually been quite busy. Supermarket on the way home. Nice food. Calls to Dad and Dave Puls (finally!). Bed with the Wicked Witch… which brings me to today. Work. Going home via the house to pick up post and maybe have a beer at the Newtown later? Maybe not. Tomorrow chiropractor first thing then work. Got to phone Dad to find out his recent scan results – fingers crossed all is OK, and hopefully get chance to speak to sister Sue too. Rest of the weekend? Nothing. Bliss. Gym and run Saturday morning, nothing else planned. Not a thing. Not one. Yay!
Oh, and one last thing. Pete and Johnno have sold the house so I’m going to be moving. Gary and Peter have offered me their place in Tamarama to house-sit early Sep to early Oct, by which time I’ll get a house-share with Pete and Bobby. We’re meant to move out last weekend in August. Currently that leaves me homeless for 10 days. Any suggestions??

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