Thursday, July 08, 2004

Quickly as I'm way overdue on the posting front...

Melbourne was fantastic! I did indeed post 9 days ago as it was my anniversary, but I didn't fill you in on the weekends shenanigans. From here to the airport Friday; caught up with Russ; hit the Qantas Club; vodka; flight; kind lift from Ben (someone we met at New Year); The Laird. Drinking and catching up with mates ensued. Lovely to see Steve and Alan again. Stumbled to the pub/hotel to sleep around 4am. Ugh.
Saturday was brekky with some of the bears; trip to St Kilda for a walk by the ocean and coffee. Stumbled into a bar and stumbled upon Jason Smith and a gaggle of travel agents. Beers. Home. Snooze. Laird. Beers. Catching up with more old and new friends. The Peel. Dancing. Snogging. Etc. I disappeared for a wee while to walk someone to their motorbike... no, really. 7am back to the hotel for vodka with Bobby. Then Alan. Then coffee with Alan. Then suddenly we were back at the Beer Bust at the Peel. Beer. More beer. Dancing. More beer. Suddenly it was 3.15am. Slept for 55 minutes before getting a cab with Rich and Russ back to the airport. Won't be doing that red-eye-nightmare-straight-into-work flight again. Oh no. Work was awful! I almost fell asleep at my desk in the afternoon...
Got home that night, ate and slept I think. Not much else. Tuesday was more of the same without the falling asleep and with an added sports massage in the evening which was bloody fantastic.
Wednesday and Thursday I was in training which meant a welcome respite from work. Wednesday night I had dinner with Bobby I think and then Thursday... who can say? Dunno. Or more likely gym Wednesday and dinner with Bobby Thursday. Some combination - you choose!
Friday work, gym, quietness. Dinner and trashy telly I think. Saturday morning I was at the gym at 9am and by 10.30am I was in town having had brekky and trying to find friends to play with as it was the most beautiful day. However everyone was trashed and so I wasn't really very pleased. Ended up back in Newtown and bought new work trousers. How excitement. Back to the ranch where the boys (plus Bobby) were still a mess so I ended up at the park in my shorts reading my book and listening to music in the sunshine. Gorgeous day in the middle of winter! Ate and then walked up to Newtown with Bobby and made sure he went to bed. I walked into the pub and spent a nice evening with Adam and Joe - two guys who started talking to me as the recognised me from Gaydar... Ended up at the Imperial and home a little drunken at 3am.
Sunday - up for brekky with Bobby and Rich and Russ at the Chocolate Dog (my fave!). It was glorious again and so Bobby and I took the bus to Coogee and walked the walk to Bondi. Coffee on the beach in both places! Then back to Foodgame for a chicken pesto burger. Yum. Home and change and then back to the Shift around 9pm for Bobby's celebration-sponsorship-confirmation drinks. It was meant to be a quiet night. However... it was one of those nights..! Got more than usual attention from sexy men. You get that sometimes. Rarely. But it happens... the upshot being I ended up at Arq against my better judgement. With a 3am curfew. That became 7am. When I left to go to the dentist. No, really. Then I went back to day Manacle instead of work. Naughty, but nice. Fun. Lots of nice people. Lots of nice new people. Yay. By Manacle it was just Aaron and I, with Rado DJ-ing. Then to the Colombian with a couple of new mates in tow. Then the Newtown. And more people joined us and then the Town Hall to try and eat... and...
Finally in bed by 10am! Great fun. Welcome to 4 years in Australia Bobs :o)
Tuesday was work and the podiatrist. The night-time was a long overdue date with tall dutch Marc, whom I first met in April as Pete left for the UK. We'd been trying to catch up for ages and finally that was the night. I had a great time. He seems like a nice bloke and he's cute too. We're doing it again tomorrow night with added dinner. Noice.
More work and gym and then last night to dinner at Bobby's as he's heading back to the UK to get stuff/meet Pete etc. on Monday. Bottle of wine. Jamie joined us. Fun.
Today was work; chiropractor and that's it. First night at home in a while. Long overdue. I intend to slob big time. More news from the front line tomorrow!!

Just realised I started this post with 'just quickly'... actually that was fairly detailed! Home time now... woohoo!

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