Friday, July 23, 2004

Only Tuesday and time for another post. What's that about?? Surely some mistake...
I left you Thursday night as I was heading off to pick up post from the house. That I indeed did, but I don't remember doing much else in terms of beer at the Newtown, as alluded to as a possibility. Think I was a good boy... as I had an 8am with the chiropractor on the Friday morning. One final click and whirr and I'm as good as new. Apparently. Friday was just normal work and stayed late-ish as I was in late. Friday night was another staying in night - what's going on? I did stay in however, after phone calls to the UK to check on Dad - seemingly OK for the moment, more tests to come. Later I got into a very interesting exchange with the lovely Craig - mentioned in dispatches from Sunday last - culminating in me being further intrigued by him and looking forward to catching up. Flirting is good. Discuss.

OK, Friday and I didn't post this Tuesday, so I will now. Now, where was I? Ah yes, flirting...

Saturday I slept late-ish til gone 10am. Up for brekky and Video Hits and some general stuff and then decided to head up to Newtown. On the spur of the moment what the hell I texted Craig and asked if he wanted to catch up for coffee. In the ensuing radio silence I managed to walk up to Newtown, walk up and down the high street, got bored and walked down to Broadway hoping there'd be a 3.30pm Harry Potter. There was! Woohoo. Of course literally seconds after I'd booked my ticket Craig returned my message to say yes, in 20 minutes at a coffee shop back on King Street. Doh and double doh! Bloody typical. So I declined and Harry-d, which was great fun. Walked back and left a further message for Craig...
Home and dinner with Pete, Paul and M.. Johnno. They were staying in having a DVD night, but I had other ideas. As everyone was away I decided to head to the pub, possibly to meet some new people, but just to be slightly anonymous - something that's hard to do in Sydney. As it turned out I ended up arranging to meet Adam and Joe - two guys I'd talked to a couple of weeks back. So, the beers flowed and soon we were down the Imperial - how did that happen? Then I noticed Patrick was there - I met Patrick last week with Craig. And lo and behold there was Craig. There was talking and drinking. There was snogging and drinking. There was drinking. For some reason we decided shots of shorts would be fun - and so a schnapps, black sambuca and Bailey's later I was in a cab with Craig heading to his place.
Sunday morning hit with a hangover. A bad one. Panadol didn't help and eventually when we dragged ourselves out of bed for brekky it still wasn't pleasant. Breakfast was though. I finally got home at 3pm having had a luverly time. Vegged for the rest of the afternoon and night - Pete had made soup and I watched Underworld on DVD. Perfect.
Monday I finally felt almost normal again. Work was work and the gym was the gym. Managed a 20 minute run and even though the legs hurt a bit it wasn't as bad as before.
Tuesday was work and then meeting Craig at the movies for Shrek 2. Good film - lots of fun. Had another nice time with Craig - we did coffee after and then went our respective ways. So that was like a proper date then.
Wednesday was more work and then the gym. Good work out with the trainer and then I got halfway home before realising I'd left my house keys in my gym locker door. Grrr. Hate that. Finally home and straight out again for dinner with Aaron. Thai. Nice. Couple of beers in the Newtown and home.
Yesterday was work and then to the gym for a longer test run. My legs failed :o( I managed about 12 minutes before the pain in my shins became fairly acute. I struggled on to see if I could run through it, but then came to the conclusion that I never used to have pain like that and so something wasn't right. Still. Grrr again. Anyway. Home, quick shave and out. Met Craig for food and then to the Newtown for a couple of beers. Aaron was there with Fred and we endured the Newtown's talent quest until about 9.30pm before calling it a night. Well before calling it a night at Craig's. :o)
The alarm wasn't so welcome at 6.20am this morning however. Nor was the strange dream about my mum. Not alarming per se, just a bit odd. Hey ho. Nothing new there for me though really. But interrupted sleep probably keeps one in that no man's land between awake and deep sleep. More chance for weirdy dreams then. Into work and here we are. Leaving work at 4.45pm and heading home to pack. It's the weekend in the mountains! Yay!! It'll be cold and we're staying in a nice house with a log fire. Lots of red wine and nice food. Me, Rich, Russ, Aaron, Rod, Tony and Dave joining us tomorrow. Can't wait. Nice to be away from Sydney. Only downside is missing Craig's birthday on Sunday, but I guess I can give him something late... :o)

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