Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Well I guess eight days since the last post is an improvement on the time before that… (except now it's actually Friday as I saved this as a draft and didn't post it - doh!!)
Last week did indeed go quickly, though I must admit to feeling bewildered by the move over to my new routes. It’s so weird to feel so impotent (insert appropriate joke here). Hopefully I’ll get up to speed soon, but the person I’ve taken over from didn’t really get a proper handover when she took over and so the whole thing is limping along quite badly. Obviously when I say limp… and we’re back to impotency again. Yikes. I got into work every day last week before 8am and went to the gym on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Good for me! And finally my short week was over. Friday I got up and got organised and headed over to Aaron’s. We hit the airport around 9am ready for our Melbourne adventure. Soon we had joined Rich and Russ and were having fabulous italian lunch sat in the sunshine with bottles of wine. How much more civilised is that than work? We then pottered about and before long we were drinking in the Laird. The gang all finally arrived and I for one was a little tipsy. Tired and drunk I called it a day before midnight and went home to sleep. Good to see all the gang again – particularly the Brisbane boys. Saturday we were actually all up and about reasonably early and so yesterday’s gang of four plus Tim and Ross did brekky.
From there we all went our separate ways ostensibly to shop – I hit the markets but couldn’t find a single pair of black boots I liked. About 3 hours and several locations later I finally got a pair of Doc Martens and met Aaron for some t-shirt browsing. Finally it was back to the ranch and I did the whole shave, shower, wet shave my head thing – well why not? Various people arrived at our rooms for pre-party beers and soon we were on our merry way. And to the party! We got to the party not too long after kick off and suddenly we were in full swing. The party crowd was fun – sexy, friendly, peppered with familiar faces and new, appealing ones! The music however, left a lot to be desired. It was as though someone had prepared the Trance-master 3000 and left it churning out ethereal dance tunes by rote. Oh well. The smaller room didn’t really get going music wise either, which was a real shame. Come 5am Aaron and I had had enough and so we adjourned back to our place for vodka, some real music and a bit of a chill out before showering and changing and heading down to recovery – for which we had high hopes. And boy were those hopes realised! The recovery had those vital elements the party lacked – still ostensibly the same crowd, but with much, much funkier music. The venue was great too – small funky bar with dance area and cool loungey bits. So much fun was the recovery, that come midday we really didn’t want to stop. Fortunately for us, we didn’t have to…
Chance would be that some of our extended group know the organisers of the Beyond parties, and this was the 4th anniversary one. Consequently they were having a post-recovery recovery at a funky apartment in Melbourne industrial-ville by invitation only. You guessed it – we got invites! Thanks need to go out to Tim and Andrew the organisers; the lovely Wayne for putting a good word in for us and for Susan the hostess for being so gracious with her hospitality. Aaron and me had met Susan at one of Wayne’s chill outs previously, and it was great to see her again. And verily we partied on and on… until about 7.30pm when we thought we should at least stop and eat. It proved our downfall – one we stopped there was no winding ourselves back up (which had been the plan) and so to bed we went…
Monday – more brekkies en masse. We had every intention of hitting the supposedly great Impressionists exhibition, but we were out-queued for the third day running. Oh well. Eventually it was time to head home to Sydney. So nice to get out of town for a bit though, and catching up with the gang was fantastic. Melbourne well and truly painted red!
The good times weren’t over however – I had managed to get Craig’s holiday dates wrong and so when he called a day early on that Monday morning I’d been most pleasantly surprised. Thus straight off the (delayed – grrr!) flight home, and then over to see Craig. Great to see him again – all bronzed and gorgeous after his hols. We did some much needed catching up…
Tuesday and back to reality. Work was really, really dull. I so didn’t want to be there – in fact all I felt like doing was curling up with Craig and shutting the world outside. Fortunately he was up for that so Tuesday night was more snuggles, this time at my place. Bliss.
Wednesday – work and then home. Food and telly. Bed.
Yesterday was a weird one – I got trained up to essentially be a replacement steward in the event of industrial action. Get me! So, after my 12 hour day I can now in theory prepare and serve chicken or beef (with a hot towel) in any cabin of a 747. Cool! And all I wanted to do after that was snuggle with Craig again. Lovely man that he is was happy to invite me over, and even made me dinner. How gorgeous is he exactly?
And so to now. Friday 4.15pm. About to leave work and head out to Peter and Gary’s in Tamarama. Craig is going to meet me there hopefully in time to watch the sun set. Then it’s a weekend by the seaside for us. Fantastic. At this point next week is a dim blur and not worthy of contemplation. Too many lovely things happening between now and then… :o)

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