Tuesday, October 02, 2007

And so it became October, and it's really starting to be warm and sunny. Estival even. In summary, summery. I digress...

I've had a great few days since the last post on here thanks for asking. As mentioned I worked on Thursday and Friday - the first day covering for teachers as they did some planning so I had about an hour with six different classes. Friday I taught the Yr 5's, and then went off to the end of term teacher meal in Leichhardt. Interesting! It all got a bit hen night/18th birthday party for my liking, but it was fun-ish whilst it lasted.

Oh, and the best news of all? School offered my five weeks casual full time work as a roving teacher - basically this means I'll fill in for teachers as and when I'm needed, but it will be fixed term rather than a day-by-day basis. Cool! There should still be casual work for the last five weeks of term too, but this is a great start. Woohoo!

Saturday was a leisurely morning and then spent the evening over with Muz on the north side. Beers and thai food. Yum. Sunday back home and cleaned and tidied the house. Muz came over later, and when we were joined by Tim we hit the Union for food and beers. More beers back here before heading off to Bad Dog. We had a blast! Muz had a couple of shiny silver body suits (don't ask!), and we slipped into them once at the party. Did we steal the show!! That lasted about 3 hours before we donned our 'civvies' and partied till the wee hours.

Yesterday was a slow, lazy, wonderful day. Sleep, trashy movies, KFC, beers... all the things to do when you don't have to do anything! Noice.

I'm now at the start of a couple of weeks holiday as mentioned, but I think today might be another of those lazy days. Don't want to rush into my 'to do' list too quickly!!

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