Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Two posts on the same day? Monsieur, with these Rochers you're really spoiling us!


1½ weeks into the casual teaching which has been interesting. It's hard not really knowing what to expect on a daily basis - it makes planning really hard, and sometimes I feel I'm not really giving it my best as a consequence. I know things will be different when I have my own class, but for the moment I just have to go in and do my best.

On that note, the school has verbally offered me a year's contract for 2008, teaching kindergarten. It's great news - I had made it known that I'd quite like to work with the younger children - though I was thinking more Yrs 1 or 2 than kindy. However it'll be great experience and it's great that I don't really have to think too much about work for next year. It also means I can spend the Christmas holidays planning and programming ready to give it my best shot. I'll tell you more once it's all official like.

Otherwise, things are ticking along nicely thanks. I enjoyed my two weeks off and really did very little, but decided that was long overdue as I haven't had any long period of time off for over three years. Yay.

I've been worried about my Dad, who's had an operation to unblock one the carotid arteries in his neck - the good news is that he's on the mend, though he's still in hospital for the moment.

Love life is great. Thanks for asking.

Have a pretty free weekend this weekend coming. Now just working out what to fill it with...

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