Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Grrr. Still coughing and the doc says antibiotics won't help. Guess I've just got to ride it out.

Grrr 2. Apparently the problem with my internet connection is with the building, not my provider. Am now waiting to hear from the building management to get a technician to check the line in. God only know how long that'll take.

Grrr 3. Had lovely beers with Gary last night (that's not the grrr). After nattering away over a few bevvies and finishing our Vietnamese, the bill came with some Minties. Gary said he maybe shouldn't have his as he lost a crown on a toffee recently and it cost him a fortune. So I chewed into mine and lo and behold, part of one of my fillings came out. Although it doesn't hurt all the time I've just found out it's sensitive to hot and cold and so needs to be sorted out soonest. Hopefully it can be done whilst I'm still on holiday.

Aww... Whilst moving out of the old house on Monday I left a bookcase and a desk with a note saying 'Free to good home, enjoy!'. I went back yesterday just to check everything over one last time before handing back the keys and the same note was pushed back in the letter box. Hand written at the bottom was
"Thank you very much. I hope the good karma comes back to you. Will come in handy as I've just moved to the city and I'm lacking any cash for furniture. Cheers Jeremy"
So that makes me feel good. In fact I feel karma already...
Arf arf.

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