Thursday, November 08, 2001

Felt a little bit homesick this morning. Woke at 10am after finishing Harry Potter last night at 2am! Had to read the first one again with all the hype about the film - am really looking forward to it. Spoke to sister Sue online and caught Scally too - who then invited me and Michael into a little chat room together. Think that was what did it - they were talking about the possibility of Michael hitting London next month and I just wanted to be there. It's at times like this when Australia does indeed seem on the other side of the world... I also had nice chats to my niece and Jonathan recently, and Dave in Brighton and I see Danny on here all the time but it's just not the same. Particularly when my next planned visit home is 2003. Hey ho.

Done little else with the day. Brekky. Lunch. Laundry. Some life admin. More to come. Fancy trying to mess around with the website stuff though, so watch this space.

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