Tuesday, November 13, 2001

What the...?

Hi daveboyes@hotmail.com,
I found your email address on your website at http://minkered.blogspot.com/;
Regarding the site, you might be interested in my invention "Ice boat and a car top storage combination".
The winter's first ice is already skimming lakes and ponds and with it comes ice tragedy season. I invented this boat to be used effectively for Ice rescue.

As you know a flat-bottomed boat, canoe or kayak also serves as excellent means to effect an ice rescue. These craft can easily be slid along the ice until contact is made with the victim. If the ice breaks under the boat or rescuers, they have a good rescue platform to continue the rescue or retreat to the safety of the shoreline.

However nobody carries the boat in his/her routine and also has many limit to be used.
Thus I have worked this out as below ;


It's a storage on a car top, a boat, a sled and also a wheeled stretcher, too.
Any small car, patrol car can carry the boat with lifesaving equipment in the storage all the time, in case to reach a victim in time.

If you need more info, please visit our website at www.wildtop.com or email us at info@wildtop.com .
Unless you request info, we will not send an email again.
Thank you and best regards.
Jason Kim/president
WildTop Manufacturing Ltd.

I'm really not sure I can live without one...

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