Saturday, November 10, 2001

No word from the Borders contingent. Maybe I've scared them off. Alternatively this could be the shortest employment in history! Saturday morning now and a glorious morning after a few overcast days. Thanks Michael Fish. Going for a run in a minute. No really. Charlotte's promised me bacon and eggs if I do. Think it's worth it. Thursday night did nowt really. Watched telly with Charlie and chatted to a couple of people on here. Bed around midnight.

Friday woke at 8am after a crap night's sleep, fell asleep again and woke at 9.30am. One of last night's chats was with Gregg (Welsh diddy daddy) and we were talking about 80s music which has been a theme of a few of our chats. Decided to put together a short 80s quiz for him to see if he's as good as he claims. That kept me busy for a while. Met Garry in town and had a wander and then it was coffees a go-go. Firstly with Garry and Anthony; secondly with Adrian and finally (after a brief bus journey to the Junction) with Paul. Paul is a nice guy - we're hopefully doing brunch on Sunday. Then it was home for a night in coz I'm stony broke. Ended up half watching a crap movie (The Saint), half cooking dinner, half chatting to people on here and half re-learning fractions. Bed.

Right, off for that run. More later...

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