Sunday, November 11, 2001

I did indeed go for a run on Saturday morning, which is why my legs are aching today. Had lunch with Pete and Paul and their friend Doug and then met up with Garry after that. Back to Bondi where we messed around here for a while instead of hitting the beach. Ant rang and popped over and we did the Brontë walk again. Charlie and Tracy were here so I knocked up an impromptu pasta feast and we had some beers. Finally me and Garry went back to Woolloomooloo and then hit the town. Gregg and John joined us in the pub and Gregg did the quiz I'd done for him - 17 out of 25. Not too bad. That means he has to do a quiz for me now... On to Palms for some trashy dancing. Charlotte and Tracy joined us and we all went a bit mad. On to the Shift which is a little blurry and then I hit the Pheonix for more dancing. Caught up with Pete and Doug, Adrian and David Bassett. Finally got home at 8am Sunday. Oops. Was meant to go for brunch with Paul, but slept through until 12.45pm. Oops again. Felt bad about missing Paul and felt dreadful in general. Watched Jack the Giant Killer as it was about all the intellectual stimulation that I could muster. Vegged out all day. Beans on toast. Tidied a bit. Work tomorrow. Oh my god!!

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