Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I can't believe that it's two weeks exactly since I blogged. Two whole weeks. And I've no idea what I did in that time at all either. Now that's kind of scary. (Takes minute to try and write down what's happened in the last two weeks to try and put it down on here in some semblance of order).

Ok - back on track a little. It would seem I did the following:

Tue - where I left you. Nothing much to report. Probably gymmed and then vegged in Newtown.
Wed - Did Gym in the morning with Liz. Worked. Dinner with Tony at Peasant's Feast which was lovely. Nice to catch up with him again properly.
Thu - work. I'm kind of skipping over work on here at the moment, but apart from the dull systems testing I'm actually really getting in to it at the moment and enjoying myself! What's that about? Thu night was a ten-pin bowling night with work, which ended up being a lot of fun. We didn't win, but after a pretty poor starting game (94) I came good with a second game of 147! Had had a few beers by then so got a lift home and vegged. Fun.
Fri - work. Can't remember doing anything. Think I had an early night! Or maybe Carlo. Who can say?
Sat - was meant to be meeting Pete for an early brekky before soliciting. Er... anyway, the trains were out between Newtown and town and so I walked. And got a bit lost. Managed to arrive in time for coffee, but not in time for full brekky, which we had post soliciting. At the Dank St depot, of which we'd had good reports - however it turned out to be overpriced and full of ex boyfriends. Vile. Eventually back to Newtown before heading to David and Jason's for Craig's birthday party. Chatted to Adrian and Shane and mostly Tim and Ross. I was happily imbibing the punch, not realised it wasn't as tame as it purported... down to Manacle just because. Chatted to Brendan who's a friend of a friend, and then to two friends of his - Stuart and Enda. Stuart is a bit of a gorgeous daddy, so obviously I hated that. Down to the Phoenix and suddenly it was 5am and I was on the way home. Without my jacket I found out later. How out of it was I exactly?
Sun - sleeeeeeeep. Lazy brekky down at the Chocolate Dog and then coz of the no trains thing decided I couldn't be bothered to go anywhere really. I watched a DVD of some description (probably) and just vegged out. Then I got invited to dinner by an acquaintance in Newtown which was perfect. We had pasta with chorizo and artichokes and watched Barbarella. Had never realised just how camp that film is before. Fun. And the post-Barbarella entertainment was fun too...
Mon - to work. That night was a run around... into town to pick up and get a prescription filled, back to Newt, back to Central and then to Gary's to watch 28 Days Later... If you haven't seen it do so - it's not out here for another couple of weeks, but I gather it's been out in England already (from where Gary got the DVD). Part The Stand by Stephen King; part Lord of the Flies by William Golding - it's written by Alex 'The Beach' Garland and directed by Danny 'Trainspotting' Boyle. The result is a powerful horror movie, heigtened in its effect by weird colorisation and camera angles. And decent performances too. Go see.
Tue - Sytems testing is dull again. Discuss again. I got slightly irate as there wasn't much for me to do and no-one seemed particularly interested in finding stuff for me. I finally did some stuff, helped by a gym break in which I ran for 7½K. Joy. Quiet night in.
Wed - worked, with my gym fitness assessment at lunch. I'm pretty fit apparently. Let's see what Josh (my trainer) has in store for me over the next few weeks. Can't remember if I did anything that night. I think not.
Thu - work. Gym day 1 - chest and biceps. Ouch. Dinner that night round at Steve and Anthony's with Rich and Russ. Nice to catch up with everyone again for the first time in ages.
Fri - work. Gym day 2 - legs and abs. Ouch again. Home. Veg. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Sleeeeeeep early.
Sat - slept in a bit and had brekky in for a change. Out and got haircut, new gym shoes ($250 - how much!?!) and had coffee with R'n'R. Back to Newt and finally met up with Gary to hit the Newtown for beers. We were joined by Craig, Aaron, Paul and someone else, and then R'n'R. The original plan was to hit the Imperial for a Newt night out, but for some reason at midnight me and R'n'R ended up at the Phoenix. Then Arq. Oops. How did that happen? A nice young guy called Matt gave me a lift home... The first time in ages that I've had a big impromtu night out and it was so much fun. Lovely to be out with Rich and Russ properly again.
Sun - went to sleep around 9.30am! Yikes. Woke at 2pm. Watched Final Fantasty on DVD then finally hit Rich and Russ's for pizza and pepsi and relax. Home and sleep.
Mon - early to work. Gym day 3 - back and triceps. Ouch x3. Home with half a chicken. Er... early bed after the Simpsons when Homer moves in with some gay guys. Very funny indeed.
Today - also early to work. Gym day 4 - shoulders and abs again. Ouch and a thousand times ouch. That's it. Have finished all I'm going to do for the day and so I thought I'd just get this up to date before heading off. I don't think I have a problem with that. I'm going to tidy the apartment as Mark and Carsten arrive home in the morning. Vacuum the cat. That sort of thing. Now, what can I eat??

More news as it happens!!

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