Tuesday, August 12, 2003

When puss comes to shove...

Tuesday again. And blogging again, though this time no dull systems testing. Was meant to be, but it was cancelled as they had nothing for me to do this morning. So a normal day. Got quite a bit done too. Yay for me. Okay, here's the week in retrospect:
Tuesday - was meant to gym but ended up at Brumby and tried to update some PC stuff. It took forever! Home, takeaway and chill out. It seems to be my only night in! What's on the telly? Rubbish probably. Aussie telly is crap. Discuss
Wednesday - up early for Liz. Got a call to say she'd done her back in so gymmed anyway - how good am I? Into work. Lunch with Allan and the very lovely Andrew (woof!). The idea is forming about working out at the gym near here lunchtimes instead of the one nearer home. Upside? All done by the time I get home, a break in the day and possibly Andrew as a training partner :o) Downside? Nowhere to work out if I get that weekend urge. Though I could always run in the park. I'll go and do some rates investigation later in the week... I have no idea what I did in the evening time, but I'm sure it was wonderful. Probably an early night as I was having cat slight allergy dramas. The cat is lovely but like a dog in its need of affection. Couple that with red and sore eyes and it's not the best of scenarios. Weirdly one week on I'm OK - maybe it wasn't puss at all, but I'm keeping more of a distance (not completely though) and washing my hands a lot. Just call me Lady Macbeth. A couple of people suggested not feeding puss or even (shock) maiming her! I couldn't do that. After all, there's more than one way to skin a cat... (now there's a hypoallergenic thought!!)
Thursday - work. Nipped into city for a couple of things and then impromptu beers with Dave. And then Brett. And then Pete. And Al was upstairs too. Pizza with Pete and then home.
Friday - work. Gym. Movies at Fox Studios - Terminator 3. I enjoyed it. Much like the others. Clare Danes I have a soft spot for. Fun! To Manacle with Des - caught up with Steve, Andrew B, Rod and a few others besides.
Saturday - had an impromptu brekky with a chap called Rich. Noice. Fun. Lots of talk about Wacky Races and stuff :o) Then I finally made it to the Bonds Warehouse in Sydenham to buy t-shirts, underwear etc. Gym. Lite beers with the lovely Graham - sexy doctor from Brisbane that I met in November who just happened to be down for the weekend. He really is so sexy!! Oxford, Colombian, back to Graham's hotel. The three of us :o) Home and toast at 1.30am. Bed by 2am.
Sunday - up at 7.45am, realising that Saturday night's shenanigans really wasn't the best preparation for running 14K in the City to Surf race with 59999 other people. Made it all on time to meet Allan and Ian and this year we all started from the front pack. The not eating on Saturday night was the biggest mistake - my body having no fuel to cope with the first half of the race. The last half was better as I'd had brekky which kicked in to help. I had to stop twice in the first 4K though, which isn't right! I still did 73'22" which was about 4 mins faster than last year, but left rueing the chance of probably going under 70' had I thought with my head and not my...
Later Sunday - post race we adjourned to the pub and had beers. Then Una's with Al and Ian and to the Tilbury. Not really my cup of tea. Home. Rang Dad and got Karen. Dad's broken his arm and is in the local nursing home which is a bit of a worry. Bed and sleep by about 9pm.
Monday - work. Newtown. Over to Mark's for the final Buffy ever!! We had pizza and beer and all things Buffy. We had last week's to watch too and then there was a documentary to follow so I finally got home and into bed around 1am. It was weird with Buffy ending - it's been a great thing to have to look forward to every Monday night, catching up with our own Scooby Gang. Whatever will we do instead?
Today - up at 6.45am. Into work early. This now means it's almost time to go home.

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