Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Tuesday. Doing some systems testing that really couldn't be any duller. No really. Friday night was to Bondi for Kerry's birthday meal. It was OK, but I was so tired... but not tired enough to say no when Carlo texted me asking to catch up. He left some time around 12.30am. Boy did I sleep!
Saturday was lazy. The cat let me sleep in and I eventually went for the most gorgeous walk in the glorious winter sun - 21C. To the Chocolate Dog for sweet potato and coconut pancakes with sweet chilli sauce, bacon and some sweet potato crisps. And coffee. Yum. Trolled up and down King Street - found a nice park amongst the back streets and just felt enervated by the sunshine. Was meant to be going out to someone's housewarming later that night. Decided I couldn't be bothered. Felt anti-social for some reason, though I did actually get as far as the house, rang the bell but when no-one answered I turned on my heels and walked back to the apartment! The party hadn't seemed very busy and I didn't feel like talking to strangers. However, that didn't stop me hitting the pub, where I bumped into several disparate people I know all there for someone's birthday which was odd. I had no idea those people all knew each other! Down to the Imperial but was over it almost on arrival. Home to bed.
Sunday was much the same as Saturday - at least brekky was identical! I then went over to the Green Park with Pete and Crusty, and then to Rich and Russ's for Sunday roast. Noice. Briefly to the Shift after lots of wine made me think it might be enjoyable. Our survey said? Unh-hunh. Home.
Monday was a Qantas holiday, but we needed skeleton staff so I volunteered to work, having had last Monday off for Bad Dog. I do get a day and a half in lieu which is better for me. Yay. Slobbed at home with the cat. Food. Bed. Buffy. Bad sleep.
Systems testing. Dull. Hoping to gym tonight and again in the morning. Let's see how I do!

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