Friday, October 17, 2003

Aaaaaaaaaaaagh. Too much going on. Again. But that's good, no? Er, no. Stop!

OK. Last Friday ended up being day from hell and I think I had an early night as I was over the whole day - I realise I'd forgotten my gym kit so couldn't work out. Hate that. Didn't catch up with Carlo either. :o(
Saturday Pete and I worked on the redesign of the house after a trip to IKEA. I then went out for a beer with Rich and then the Phoenix where I chatted to the lovely Robert until we hit the Shift until I was so drunk I just had to go home. Probably best at 6am.
Sunday I was a waste of space until mid afternoon. In bed with Buffy til then. House post then, but did nothing.
This week has been mostly work. And gym. And flirting by SMS with the lovely builder. And realising that I didn't pay the bill for the phone. Or the internet. Doh. I met up with Rich the architect last night to get final go on the plans and so tonight Pete and I do one final iteration before handing them back to be drawn. Oh, and the gas got connected at the new house today, you'll be pleased to know.
That's it. Dull but I'm on the way home. It's Friday night!

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