Friday, March 05, 2004

And the Friday afternoon updates continue. Apparently. And lo... which coincidentally is kind of how I'm feeling. Not badly miserable, just not my usual chipper self.

Friday last - the braces. They went on. Relatively painlessly to be honest, though the weirdest feeling. And they really have removed what little feeling of fun and salaciousness that was left after splitting with Aaron. Hey ho. Hopefully it means I'll focus on other things... Home to the BBQ, which was great. Nice to see everyone together. Of course come 11pm everyone headed out to Oxford Street to continue the drinking. Me? I went to bed.

Saturday was up early to help Aaron move house. I got up around 8.30am. Aaron got me at just gone 9am and off we went. We finished by 6pm. One long day. We ended up helping Fred (Aaron's mate) move some stuff from his soon-to-close shop which prolonged things a bit. However by the end of the day Aaron was in and done. His place is great - it's got a nice feel to it. It reminds me a lot of mine and Garry's old place on Oxford St (it's got the same colour floorboards and high ceilings) and as long as Aaron get's someone decent in to share with him I think it'll be good for him. I was too knackered to do anything else that night and so went to bed. Dave = dull.

Sunday was the day of Azure - the party formerly known as. Formerly known as the Harbour Party actually. I got up, had brekky, tried to get everyone sorted to meet, failed, had lunch with Pete and Johnno and they gave me and Aaron a lift down to Oxford St. Met up with Andy Buchan and off we trotted to the party. Where I failed to see Andy again for the whole night! Oops. I did however catch up with the other UK bods - David and Brett, Rob and Adrian, Paul and Dino and Mark. Lovely to see them again. Azure was marvellous - probably due to the guys from the UK being there with my Sydney mates too. The only other downside was that I failed to see Pete and Johnno the entire time. Shame. But we had fun. Lots. Dancing with all and sundry in the middle of the floor from about 5pm until midnight. Woohoo! Of course we had to kick on and eventually ended up at the Phoenix due to everywhere else having queues from hell. It was yet more fun, though I wasn't in the fittest of states when Aaron took me home. Bless him. Thanks to him and Rich for looking after me...

Monday was work. On no sleep. Aaron did the same. We didn't have the best of days to be honest. Home that night to dinner with P+J and finding Nemo on DVD. Perfect. The rest of the week has been work (very busy); gym (well Wednesday night at least); dinner with Aaron, Rich and Russ and the UK boys and chores and sleep at all other times. Last night helped Aaron move a few things round in his new place post dinner. Tonight is meant to be a BBQ at R'n'R's with the UK lot - ostensibly so they could meet P+J too, but Johnno's not feeling well. Possible drinks in town after as Dr Graham's in town... We'll see. It would be lovely to see him and he's not going to Mardi Gras tomorrow, so... Watch this space.

Brunch with Andy B tomorrow followed by, hopefully, the Leigh Bowery exhibition at the MCA as it closes Sunday. Not sure about early eve tomorrow, but then Mardi Gras. Day recovery at Arq and then no plans for the night time. But rather more sensibly this week I've booked Monday off. Well done me.

More news from the front line as it happens...

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