Friday, March 12, 2004

Here comes the quiet life again.

I should be so Kylie. In spite of trying to calm things down, my weekends are rapidly filling up and soon it seems it'll be almost June! And winter! Boo. I guess it's nice to have all these things planned, but sometimes I feel like I just want to opt out of the whole thing and become a bit of a hermit. Actually as long as I'm getting everything else done I'm not too worried - but what with trying to sort out houses on both sides of the world, taxation here and there too, gymming, half-marathon training, music mixing, book writing, healthy eating, life admin, blah blah blah... it all gets a bit much.

I'm looking forward to a quiet night tonight. Wednesday was quiet too, with P+J bringing dinner back post gym and then sleep. Yesterday was work and snooze, then farewell to Alan beers at the Colombian. Slobbing with a DVD and some nice food is the order of tonight, with some tidying and sorting. Pete and Johnno are skiing in the States so I've got their beautiful house to myself :o) I intend to use the time to sort my life out. Yes dear reader, you've heard that a myriad of times, but this time it has to happen. Watch this space.

The rest of the weekend will be split - early tomorrow gym and shopping (I desperately need clothes and shoes). Later tomorrow is goodbye to the final UK boys - it's been great to see them and it's such a shame they can't be here all the time. Actually, it's probably a good thing given how much we've all been out...

Sunday - sleep. And more sleep. Yay!!

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