Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Eh up! It's Wednesday and I'm already blogging again. Surely some mistake. Well I'm bored at work and so this seems like the best outlet for my frustration.

Friday last. BBQ at Rich and Russ's as I alluded to last time. We were relatively sensible and left around 11pm. I shared a cab back with Aaron. Saturday was brunch with Andy B at GoGo's which was nice. Downtown for me to try and shop. Oh how I tried. I've realised that after 3 years of living here this time around I still have no idea where to buy clothes and shoes. Slightly miffed I hit the MCA to meet Aaron to see the Leigh Bowery exhibition. It was great! Glad to do something different for once. Oh, and it was pouring down. Back to Newtown, where the rain continued. Verily it was time to go to Mardi Gras. Me and Aaron got a lift with Pete and Johnno and were there by 10.30pm. And then we met everyone and had a jolly good time! I think I managed to see everyone I wanted to. In the rain. We got very hot and steamy as a consequence. Most of the time in the RHI, then the Hordern to cool off a bit. We left at 8.30am and went home to change and then to hit Arq, where we did it all again. Until 2.30pm ish, when we went back to the UK guys apartment to chilll. Noice. Finally back to the house to rest and regroup before heading to Resolution later. Which was crap. No one there and so very disappointing. Tried to get into the Shift, but a bit expensive and the Phoenix was full of freaks! We called it a night. :o(

Monday was a lazy day. Up, brekky, Daredevil on DVD, coffee with Aaron, dinner with P+J, Jimmy Neutron on DVD. If you haven't seen it yet, see Jimmy Neutron. It's fun! Yesterday was back at work, then home for bacon, eggs, beans and trash on the telly. Tonight is a quiet one again - P+J head off to the States tomorrow so it's last night for them. I feel like sleeping for a week.

Best part of the last couple of weeks? Realising how nice all my mates are, and particularly looking foward to having David and Brett living here by the end of the year. Bring it on!

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