Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Ten days. Can it really be ten days since I blogged. It would seem so. I wish I had more to report...

I had my quiet night whenever it was I last blogged. Some sorting of stuff and possibly Harry Potter and lamb, sweet potatoes and broccoli. Something like that anyway!! Up early the next day and to the gym. Then to Rich and Russ's for a noice chat and catch up with Rich. I had to pick up a form for David's residency application - note to self. Fill it in! I then walked home to Marrickville and did lazy stuff and/or sorting stuff. I can't actually remember! Later... I headed out to meet the boys at the Shift. One last hurrah with the UK gang - they are so lovely. We did it in style - the Shift was pretty good and kept us amused until 6.30am. Spent quite a bit of time chatting to my dentist Wayne - he's lovely! Then we couldn't let it lie and so me, Pete and Bobby hit Arq. Vile. Mind you we stayed longtime and finally hit Rich and Russ's about 10am and partied on until I finally headed home around 3pm! Nothing for Sunday. The Mummy Returns on DVD - that's the intellectual level I was at!

And then last week. Worked all week. Gymmed Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Did little else. She's a lovely girl. Think I ate nice food and watch either telly or DVDs, played on the PC and stuff. Aaron came over for dinner Tuesday and we watched Cypher on DVD. Kind of OK, but didn't really get you onside. I had no care whether the main characters lived, died, or disappeared up their own jacksies. I slept from 10.45pm Friday night until 11am Saturday morning. Bliss.

The weekend. Uneventful but necessary. I actually did the unthinkable, and cleaned out Pete and Johnno's pantry. It's been a standing joke since I moved in, coz I've never been able to find anything in all the crap! Pantry doesn't really do it justice - it's pantry-come-laundry-come-general-store. Anyway, now it's a bright as a button and everything is ship-shape and bristol fashion. It took me the whole weekend mind you - interspersed with nice food, music, laundry, more sleep etc. Dave Puls came over late on Sat night and we had beer and nibbles and watched League of Gentlemen on DVD and had a natter until 3am. Nice to catch up with him. Too long overdue.

Meant to hit the gym but felt a bit fluey - that's continued this week so far and I've resorted to taking antibiotics as I'm meant to be starting a quick and dirty 10 week half marathon training course. Some hope. We'll see. May possibly take tomorrow off sick - I do feel a bit woozy and slept seems the best cure. Otherwise it's my last week at work for 4 weeks as I move to another department to help set up some new systems. It'll be dull as all hell. Joy.

More tomorrow!

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