Monday, August 30, 2004

Long time no post. I will improve, I will I will!
There’s not too much to report actually, and for once I’m going to keep this relatively undetailed. Not the weekend just gone but the one before went pretty much as described. Slept at Potts Point Thursday night; half day Friday complete with foot x-ray (not broken) and moving the rest of the stuff to the new place. Dinner (late!) with Craig and some of his mates. To his for sleep. Noice.
Saturday was brekky for me and cleaning at Pete and Johnno’s. Thence to PP for cleaning and then back to meet Craig before heading back to Pete and Johnno’s for their party. A bit quiet and with a couple of drunk, stupid people which meant it wasn’t the best. Lots of people kicked on. I headed happily back to Craig’s shortly after midnight. Sunday was brekky and then over to Potts Point. Caught up with Pete and then spent some time in the Botanic Gardens as it was lovely. Finally Craig went home and me and Pete did too. Out for beers which suddenly became Arq. So not a good move. Home by 3am – yay for willpower! Back out at 3.15am! Boo for no willpower!! Finally home around 7.30am, shower and back out for work. Vile. Slow week and things with Craig a bit strange. Monday afternoon got my lower braces fitted on my teeth. Coz I’d had no sleep I kept snoozing whilst they were working on my braces – not sure how many people that happens to! Home, sore :o(Tuesday: work, home, nothing. Wednesday: work, gym, nothing. Thursday: work, Hellboy – which I really enjoyed. Yay! Friday: work, out with workmates. Surprisingly distracting. Saturday: up and over to Tamarama to find out how Pete and Gary’s place works as I’m house-sitting there for 4 weeks from mid-Sep. Went round Toni Collete’s house, as it’s up for sale. Nice! Back towards home and coffee with Dave in Potts Point before heading over Newtown way, though Craig came and got me from Central. Went with him to his work and then back to his. Chats. All sorted out. We had a great rest of the afternoon; fun drinks and dinner with Patrick and then home. Snuggles. More snuggles yesterday morning. Craig made brekky in bed and we just snuggled and read and it was fantastic. Lovely and comfortable. Finally up to King Street for coffee and a mooch. Back to his for more snuggles and reading etc. I headed back to PP around 5.30pm. Chats with Pete and Bobby. Pete had found homes for the remaining homeless stuff in the flat so it looks great. They went out for dinner. I had risotto and Buffy and a brief chat to Craig before bed. Noice.
This week: work. I’ve got two weeks to sort stuff out before I move to international – need to get my finger out! Hence doing this at the end of the day instead of real work :o)

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