Friday, August 13, 2004

It’s Friday the 13th. Somehow that seems apt for a blog…
Well, it’s safe to say that there’s been a few things happening. Last Wednesday I did indeed hit the gym, but felt pretty washed out and useless. Peter was late too and didn’t in the end charge me for the 35 minutes or so that we did. Left there and then met up with Craig outside the Dendy. We had a nice dinner over the road in a café with a long italian sounding name (yet weirdly we both had sausages and mash!) and then we decided it was best to have an ice-cream, then a coffee, then go back to his to chill. Noice.
Thursday I really don’t remember as being anything special. Work and then to the Newtown with Aaron – we may have even eaten first (I think we did – sushi). Friday was another day of work and then the good news was that I got a new job! Still at Qantas, and still doing the same thing, but a transfer across to International. I think I’m going to be looking after all flights to India and some Singapore terminators (no, not Arnie!). It’s good in that I’ve kind of plateaued within Domestic so it’s a chance to use my brain again. Mind you, it does mean I’ll have to work… I celebrated the only way possible. I stayed in with a nice dinner and went to bed early.
Saturday I slept on after Bobby texted to say he’d arrived back in the country. Without Pete, who was stuck in Dubai. D’oh! I finally rang Bobs just as him and Mark were going to Day Manacle. No way I was going to do beer at 9.30am on Saturday! I pottered until I met them finally at 1pm when, in a shock move, we did indeed have beer. Newtown then Colombian. Then home. In the end I didn’t do much else except eat and watch trashy telly as I was slightly merry. In bed early-ish.
Sunday started with brekky with Rich and Aaron up at the Chocolate Dog. Pete was home so we chatted but didn’t manage to catch up. After brekky we pottered around Newtown then I hit the Metro with Aaron as Rich went home. Eventually to Craig’s around 4pm. We went for a walk in Glebe Park to watch the sun go down and then had a lovely dinner at the Badde Manners Café (sweet potato fritters… yum!). Thence to the movies to see Connie and Carla, which was surprisingly fun and a good old fashioned romp. Home to snuggle. Noice. Sunday would have been the City to Surf 14K race had I been fit, but I wasn’t. I mused on that a while. For about a nanosecond!
This week has passed relatively quickly and uneventfully. Monday worked and then met up with Pete and Bobby and Mark for beers. Good to have everyone back again! Tuesday worked and then after dinner I read and finished The Men from the Boys – a book that Craig lent me. It was good – I enjoyed the story (which was described as Tales of the City set in Boston) and could identify with a lot of the main characters problems and issues. Worth a read.
Wednesday worked and then hit the gym – the good news being that I managed a 4K run with only minor shin pain. Hopefully this means I’m going to be able to run again. I’ll take things slowly though… I was meant to catch up with Craig but he was lying low with a migraine and so I slobbed at home instead. Yesterday was work and then Pete called to say we’d got a new apartment to live in at Potts Point! All so very sudden… It’s good though as it means I’m not living out of a suitcase for 6 weeks or so. I’ll move in next weekend – Pete and Bobs moved in today. Woohoo! Last night I joined Craig and Patrick at the Newtown and we in turn were joined by Aaron and another Craig. Dinner, back to the Newtown for one last beer then home to a nice long chat and sleep.
Today is work. I’m really bored this afternoon but can’t bring myself to start anything new. I’m going to head to the new apartment after work then possibly meet up with Craig again so we can have a long leisurely lie-in tomorrow morning – with no pressure to get out of bed for work. We’ll see. Yay for weekends!

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