Thursday, August 19, 2004

Lo and verily, forsooth etc. Thursday afternoon and I’m not really ready to start anything new at work so I thought I’d post on here and get things up to date.
Friday last. Indeed to the new apartment where I helped Pete and Bobby unload their stuff and then whilst Pete took the ute back Bobby and me had a couple of celebratory beers. The apartment is great – similar to Brumby Street, but with a much funkier balcony thing happening. I then left and headed over to Craig’s, where we just talked and snuggled. Well not just that…
Saturday morning, and the long leisurely lie-in that we’d promised ourselves. Fan-tastic. Then Craig suggested a run – and so we did. 8K around Canada Bay with Patrick – and best of all my legs didn’t hurt one bit! Yay! Thence to brekky and then I left Craig to his own devices (he probably would). Can’t remember what else I did Saturday afternoon! It must have been rivetting though… I’ve a vague recollection of being on a train and speaking to Steve and Rich on the phone, but otherwise… nah. Dunno. Later… I met up with Gary and Peter in the Newtown. Aaron bailed out, but various other people joined us -–mainly Peter's old drinking pals. The Newtown wasn’t at its sparkling best however, and so we adjourned somewhat stupidly to Manacle at approaching midnight. It wasn’t any better though and so I returned home after one beer and fell into bed.
Sunday was up at a reasonable time, and originally Aaron was going to help me move some stuff to the new place. However he wasn’t feeling too good and in ensuing chats to Craig he volunteered to be my truck driver for the day. So we did that. And then adjourned back to Marrickville for a snuggle. We then decided to have dinner via a quick beer at the Newtown. Good job too, as Aaron was completely and utterly slaughtered. And then got worse. It became apparent that he’d been given a Valium which he’d taken because he was so drunk, not realising that it would knock him for six. And then some. The upshot of all of this was that we walked Aaron home, abandoning dinner, and I actually stayed with Aaron for the whole night, just to make sure he was OK – he seemed that bad! Not the best of nights for anyone.
Monday – home, shower, work. Felt rough as I’d hardly slept. Took a half day and went home and pottered and relaxed before an orthodontist appointment at 5.30pm. To the new place to try and sort my bed out, but realised one of my nuts was missing. Missus. Back to Marrickville to eat and sleep.
Tuesday – in work at 7.30am! Left at 4pm and did orthodontist again (as I’d broken a separator) and then the podiatrist (I’ve got to have my foot x-rayed on Friday). To Potts Point again where we sorted out the telly – my tube has gone funny :o( Pete cooked a lovely meal and then I went home to Marrickville in the pouring rain.
Wednesday – was yesterday. Into work early again and then left to get my nuts sorted. Did that then went to the gym. From there home to get changed and chatted to Aaron on the way. Up to meet Craig – and bless him he’d bought me a fantastic bunch of yellow tulips. It’s been so long since anyone bought me flowers… We had food across the road from the Dendy and then adjourned to Marrickville for the final sleep. We snuggled in bed and just enjoyed each other’s company. Oh, and I phoned Nick – it looks as though him and Nicola are going to buy the UK flat! Yay!! Fingers crossed everyone…
Up this morning and into work around 9am, having snuggled with Craig for as long as possible :o) Work’s been dull and I’m on a half day tomorrow so I’ve got no enthusiasm this week – just want to get the moving out of the way and then I can get myself back into a proper routine. Leaving soon, Marrickville then over to sleep at Potts Point for the first time, after I give my bed a decent screwing. The rest of the stuff will go tomorrow afternoon post x-ray, with Aaron hopefully helping me out, bless him. Then it’s drinks with Craig and some of his mates and then crash out I guess. More weekend snuggles. We like :o)

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