Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'm going to try something different here and see what happens. Some of you may know that over the last few years I've experiented with doing some music mixing at home. My output has hardly been prolific - it kind of depends on if I've been going out to hear what music is current.

I've tried not to just beat mix the tracks and step away - I've tried more to think about the songs, the mood, the key, and for want of a better cliché, the journey. Here's the latest mix - hopefully the file hosting site that I've uploaded it to will be reliable and not fall over. Not sure how long this will take to download as it's about 100MB, but hopefully it'll get people dancing.

Given my current obsession with The Ting Tings, I'd like to call this one "All kinds of everyting". If people like this I'll upload some of the older mixes too. Enjoy - and feel free to share!

Click on the link; scroll down to download with the basic option; enter in the security code and the download will begin! Thanks for your patience...

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