Monday, March 18, 2002

Well that was the weekend that was...

Friday night was a couple of drinks down at the Oxford with Gregg and we were joined by Martin. From there we hit the Beresford and caught up with a few people down there. On to the Barracks where I was very sensible and left reasonably early as I had to be in work on Saturday.

Saturday night finished work and came home to doze on the day bed a while. Eventually went out to grab some fast food and ended up just seeing who was in the Oxford :o) Martin was there with some mates and so I tagged on in and we hit the Barracks. Martin was v. drunk (you'd never catch me in that state, honest) so I caught up with Richard (no Russell though) and we finally all legged it down to the very heaving Pheonix. Fun. Russell was there and the boys introduced me to their friend Andrew. Very nice. Indeed. We left about 2 or 3am, I've no idea. Up we went onto the roof. Most pleasant on an evening when it's still about 23C. And you're doing what we were :o)

Sunday. Andrew left early and I stayed in bed. Brunch with Adrian and then Pete dropped round the dining table that they've so kindly given us. Bless 'em. Then a few people were going down to the Green Park Hotel for some beers. I joined them. It was great! Almost like the olden days of the Beauchamp. Think RVT with less dancing. Lots of nice looking men being very sociable. Lovely. David Bassett was there and Gary J, John and Andrew, Little Ian, Mark, Adelaide... fun. Went to join Garry at the Shift but it wasn't the same. Home and made some phone calls as I promised myself I would once the UK boys had gone home. So, spoke to Stevie P, Big Steve, Darryl and Nick. Lovely to hear them all. More phone calls over the next weeks. You could be the lucky recipient!!

Today's been a lovely day too. Slept until 9.45am and had a leisurely breakfast. Phil (who's just recently moved back here from Melbourne) dropped in unexpectedly and so we arranged a late lunch after I'd been to the gym. I did that, which was great... I've got no excuses not to really give this a go this time. Fixed hours, more time in the day than I've ever had, the gym just down the road. I'll be like Schwarzenegger by Christmas. Yeah right!! Went for a huge chicken salad in a café in Victoria Street that I'd forgotten about. Cheap and fantastic. Coffee in Stanley Street which I'd also forgotten is a great place to watch the world go by. Back here to chill a while, and then Martin called to drop in some CDs and we ended up going for coffee too. Or a milkshake as it turned out. And then back here to update this. And Andew called to see if I want to do dinner on Wednesday. Of course I do. That's like a date then :o) Off to the supermarket now to find something for dinner and then a relatively early night I think. Yes indeedy.

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