Saturday, March 30, 2002

So, here we are again. It's coming up to 6.15pm Saturday night, and it's the start of Davie's birthday weekend. Yippee! Firstly advance birthday wishes to the lovely Stevie P and Richie Bean. It's weird not celebrating to a greater or lesser extent with them... particularly as Steve and I had a joint party last year. Anyway I gather the London boys will be Fridge-ing and RVTing and LA3ing. Sigh. Wish I could be there. Meantime, I'm having a party on the roof tomorrow, and then stumbling off to Arq, the only real club for Sundays. It's not the RVT, but we've had some good times there so far.

What else is new? I've kind of seen Andy the dentist a few times, which has been nice, and we're hopefully hooking up again later tonight and maybe going to the Midnight Shift. Craig over the road is cooking dinner tonight too, so I'm being nicely spoilt! Other than that, a bit of work, a coffee here, dinner there, the usual stuff. In awe of the Playstation 2 too, and trying to work out what games to buy. Recommedations please - I particularly like platform games. Ta. Charlie's Angels DVD came with the PS2, and I've bought the Matrix and Garry's bought Kylie Live in Sydney. Well we had to. I sense a few quieter night coming on...

More news as it happens. Easter wishes from a soon to be older Davie!

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