Friday, March 15, 2002

Oh, but it didn't stop there. I worked Tuesday and then had a lovely meal with Darren that night. We ate then just stood up on the roof drinking wine and taking in the view. I had such a great time with him. Hopefully a good friendship will come from that. Bless him. Wednesday was quieter and I worked both then and Thursday. Thursday night me and Darryl hit the town for his last night. Oh dear. We hit the Oxford and Stonewall and then followed a pack of sexy men to Arq. It was great fun. Chatted to Triple F Steve for the first time properly and danced and danced and looked at the lovely men. Think we finally left around 7am. I called in sick. Oops. Finally Darryl had to go to the airport and for the first time in around 3 weeks I was back with no English mates here. Felt very strange. Still great to be here and sharing with Garry and so on, but if felt so natural to have more mates around. Hey ho. It made me realise how much I do miss everyone from home.
So, left alone I did what any good gay man would. Went on the prowl :o) So, that was Friday afternoon taken care of :o) Drinks Friday night with the boys. Worked Saturday and then me and Garry had a good old style Saturday night. Until I met up with Alan and John who I spent the night with in October showed up. Suddenly there was a change of plan and we were in a cab...
Into work Sunday with a spring in my step. Home, changed and to the Shift and caught up with the gang and Glenn & Rick from the States. Realised that Wayne G was going to be playing at Arq and so that was my next decision made as I had the Monday off. Hit there and had a ball. Good music, spent time with Rich and Russ and also to Chris. Stories there, but more stories to follow as he finally left here at about 2pm Monday after dancing, flirting, snogging, drinks in the Oxford etc. Etc. Slept until about 6pm, had more noodles from Thai downstairs (can anyone see a pattern here??), and then went onto the computer to see what was going on. Steve, Rich and Russ's flatmate ended up here with 2 bottles of wine which we had on the roof... and he finally went home on Tuesday. Oh dear. I am that trashy bitch :o)

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