Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Ay ay ay. So, another year another Mardi Gras mad time. It was so fantastic to see the boys here. I hope they had a good time - it looked like they were having a great time! We did almost constant minkering for 3 whole weeks. Darryl was a bit ill for the first week which in retrospect was probably for the best as we couldn't have done the whole time at such a frenetic pace! Almost too many highlights. The events went something like this.

i) Darryl arrived. Minkered as reported, then we had a few days off.

ii) Harbour Party as reported. Incredible. Arq. Fantastic. Dr Darren. Also fantastic.

iii) Woof on the Thursday. Great too. Good music, good venue. I so wasn't going, but hooked up with the boys who had a spare ticket and suddenly... there I was at City Live! Great crowd, good music and a lot of fun. I left the boys to it as I had to work the next day :o(

iv) Quieter night on the Friday. Beresford and Barracks I think. Didn't overdo it.

v) Mardi Gras day. We had invited everyone here for a drinks party and to watch the Parade, what with the views of Oxford Street from the apartment and the roof. People started arriving at 3pm ish and it became a steady flow the longer the night went on. The straight couple at number 2 had a party too, so we just all combined on the roof and in fact spread along all the rooves as we're the only residential one! I think everyone had a good time - the view was fantastic. We shifted heaps of booze too. Lots of bottles to clear afterwards! From there to the party which was fun. Only gripe was I lost everyone quite early on apart from Darren and Darryl. I wasn't complaining too much :o) But I hardly saw any of the aussie guys and only hooked up with Garry again at 7am! Deborah Cox was the first show and she was fantastic. It all gets a little blurry after that, but we danced mostly in the Dome, with forays into the Hordern and the RHI. Decided not to wait for Alcazar as Paul & Alan were over it. Apparently they were very camp. Alcazar, Not P&A! Back here to shower and then on to the Barracks. Well me, D & D. It was fun. Dancy, cruisy, fun.Think we stayed until about 12.30pm and finally everyone went their separate ways. Slept until about 6pm then up and pottered. Noodles from Thai Panic (shop below the apartment!).

vi) Showered and changed and hit ICE at City Live. P&A already there, Darren meant to join us, Darryl bottled out. It was great. Music was good, people very sexy. Spent time with P&A, David Bassett, Rod & Tony and saw Rich, Russ & Steve there at the end. Got the fairy bus to Bay33 at 2.30am to continue the party. Spent time with David and Peter and Paul and Darren failed to show. The music got a bit harder. Gonzalo and Rachel Auburn finished it off, but we decided to leave a bit before the end as Rachel was getting a bit 'pots & pans'.

vii)Arq. Absolutely great. Only problem was that P&A had to leave for their flight at 8.30am. I dutifully carried on until about 12.30pm when I finally thought I should call it a day. Came home to chill but Darryl and Darren had other ideas. We ended up having coffee and I forced some potato wedges down my neck. Then we hit the pub. We drank and drank and eventually I left them all to it about 9pm. Finally crashed at about 10pm, having had only 4 hours sleep in the preceding 60. Ay caramba.

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