Friday, March 22, 2002

I did post something last night, but Blogger ate it. Sigh. Reported much gym and eating activity. Work. That's about all. Out for a date with Andrew last night which was lovely. Couple of drinks and then Vietnamese. Back here so he could sober up a little before driving home. Honest! :o) He's seemingly a lovely man, and he's very sexy and tactile. We like that. We're hopefully doing it all again tomorrow. Had nice feelings about it all day. Watch this space. Worked 2-10.30pm today. It's a long day. Managed to use the paging system without thinking whilst some famous Aussie poet was doing a reading downstairs. Oops. We got some free wine at the end of the shift, so 6 of us went and sat in the park in the rain and sculled it whilst nattering about life etc. Haven't done something like that since I was probably 16.Nice feeling. Off to bed now as on an early start tomorrow. Urgh. But going to bed smiling. Night night.

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