Monday, May 06, 2002

Ah. That'll be 6th May already then. Where did the last week go? I've no idea. Well that's not true, I do have some idea.

Wed 1 May: Eye gunked over on awakening. Also still full of cold. Phoned in sick. Went to doctors. Had a day of sorting all Oz admin. Fantastic. Over to Andy's for dinner with Andrew and Wayne. Fun. Sausages and mash. Yum. Early bed.

Thu 2 May: Late shift at work. Andy picked me up after and back to his. Dinner for more of Andy's friends and bed around 11pm as Andy was falling asleep.

Fri 3 May: Finished at 4.30pm from work and came home and vegged. Invited for impromptu dinner at Russ and Rich's, which was really nice. Good company (as Andrew and Wayne and Triple F Steve there too), good food and wine and all in all a nice night. Back to Andy's for much needed sleep.

Sat 4 May: Worked until 5pm. Andy came here and we got a DVD and some pasta from the supermarket. However, having eaten and drunk 3 beers we were knackered and feel asleep on the daybad! Bed at 9.45pm. So very rock 'n' roll for a Saturday night...

Sun 5 May: First sleep in with Andy for ages. Bliss. Eventually up for brekky at Roobar (won't be going back, too expensive and not that nice) and then to Andy's Mum's to help clear out her gutters. Matron. Back to Andy's for, erm, a rest :o) Back to town as Pete was delivering us some bookcases, bless him. Then to Steve L's place for his 40th birthday drinks which was fun, then a quick drink at the Palace and 3 games of pool before coming back here and watching Return of the Jedi. Bed 10.30pm. Nice, quiet, normal weekend. Yay for Davie.

Today 6 May: Andy left for work at just gone 7am after some early morning cuddles. Brekky part one. I dragged myself to the gym to see Liz and felt much better after a workout. Home, brekky part two. Phil called in and we went for coffee, and then it was such a beautiful day that I went for a long walk down town and then through the Botanical Gardens. Beautiful sunshine and lovely autumn light. Fantastic. Home and then update of this. Meeting Andy for coffee in an hour or so then having a night apart! Shock horror! Doctors again in the morning and then just two more shifts at Borders.

More news as it happens from a settling down Davie...

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