Monday, May 27, 2002

Where oh where does the time go? Another week's beginning and I realise (yet again) that I've not really updated you peeps about the last one. Suffices to say I've been very quiet on most fronts - the eye infection and antibiotics kind of scuppered everything else, and I'm broke until I actually get paid by Qantas (see celebrations and much eating and drinking, sometime around 4 June!). There were two things of note from the weekend before the one just gone...

Andy was away up the coast with his friend Fahmi, and so I spent a lot of the weekend with Russ and Rich, and the culmination of the weekend's activities was me getting my nipple pierced, having my first beers in 3 weeks at the Green Park Hotel last Sunday and then us lot all piling down to Arq and dancing the night away until some 4.30am! And yes, I did have to be up at 6.30am for work. Joy. I wasn't in the best of spirits last Monday morning and ended up forgetting my Qantas ID and locking myself out of the house. Great! Thanks to Russ for saving me with tea and sympathy and a sofa to sit on until Andy came and got me! Rest of the week was better though, but I was in a foul mood as I realised how little money I currently have, and I also missed a credit card in the UK, which has been piling up with interest quite nicely thank you. Doh. Had quiet Friday and Saturday nights and did the Green Park again last night, but not Arq. Much more sensible.

Good job too, as we did lots of maths today - working out all the maths behind the availability calculations for the overbooking systems. Geek that I am I really enjoyed it! More tomorrow and an exam on Wednesday. This training malarky is great - we're currently starting at 8.30am but getting done by 3.30pm. Fantastic! Off to Andy's tonight as Andrew and Wayne are cooking. Nice lazy times. Joy.

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