Friday, May 10, 2002

And lo, the coffee was brought on. Friday afternoon. Another glorious day and so I'm just about to head out and enjoy some of it. Yesterday's schedule was pretty much accurate, though Gary and Max joined Adrian and me for lunch and I ended up cooking dinner later as Andy's Mum wasn't feeling so good. Another nice early night over at Andy's place. Lots of cuddles :o)

Brekky today with Andrew at GoGo's after we dropped Andy off at work. Here and slob a while, before finishing off all the CDs, having a good old clean and a shower and so on. Another lazy night ahead - frankly I'm not going out with an eye like I have and whilst on antibiotics. The eye seems a little better, though it's hard to tell. I've decided to see how it goes over the weekend. Hopefully it'll be clearing by the time I start at Qantas on Tuesday. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile I think the weekend will entail lots of nothing, starting with a long lie-in with Andy tomorrow. It's stuff like that you really miss when you're not seeing anyone.

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