Monday, May 13, 2002

Twas the night before Qantas, and all round the flat
Nothing was stirring, not Garry or Mat
(who's been staying whilst he finds new digs).

Tomorrow's the big day. Staying over at Andy's tonight, then back here for ironing, shoe cleaning, shaving etc.etc. Am starting to get a bit excited. Still feels a bit weird though. Had a nice weekend - very quiet and consequently just what I needed. Think these antibiotics are knocking me out a bit, as all I want to do is sleep. Friday night was a quiet one at Andy's with the lie-in we'd promised ourselves on Saturday. We hit Paddington Markets on Saturday afternoon and Andy bought a new ring (insert appropriate joke here). Saturday night we did a bit of a pub crawl but hated it and so came home early and I drove Andy's car back to his place as I wasn't drinking. Sunday was another lie-in, brunch at Andy's Mum's, a lie down, dinner and a James Bond movie on the box. Sleep and lots of it. Bliss.

Today started off with finding $20 in the street so treated myself to brekky! Sorted stuff out then bought work shirts, went to the doc's again (chance I might have to have a little lump cut out of my eyelid - more later), went into Borders and got my leaving card and pressie, went to the bank, had lunch, met Phil for coffee and back here for a chill! Wow. I'm tired just thinking about it. More news after the Qantas start tomorrow!

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