Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Midweek again. Well Monday night was as described - lazy and with someone else cooking. Marvellous. Tuesday was another shortish day at work followed by, as it turned out, a fairly sociable evening. Wasn't seeing Andy (as originally I was meant to be helping Garry with a pop quiz) and so settled down for a quiet one in front of the telly. With that Sally (from Borders) arrived for a cuppa and so we had a bit of a natter. Off she toddled only for Tony (Dr Darren's ex) to ring and see if he could come over for a cuppa as he's headed back to Blighty today. And so all in all it was lovely! Bed and the work today for the exam on the systems for overbooking of the flights. Managed a rather girlie swot 98%, so was quite happy with that! We got the the afternoon off, and I had every intention of doing some paperwork. However Gary (of Gary and Max) was online and so we arranged coffee which was much more preferable. We then went and bought him a kettle and an interview shirt before heading back up Oxford Street for more coffee! Back here and we finally did Garry's pop quiz tonight instead of yesterday. Spoke to Andy, who's not feeling very well bless him, then updated this and then time for bed. We're actually out on the floor at work tomorrow meeting our teams. I'll find out which routes I'm looking after too... all I know so far is that I'm either doing domestic or regional - more tomorrow!

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